Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Scary medicine

This scares me.

Loser says what?

I just arrived at work. I went directly to my bike bag to retrieve my keys. The keys are not in my bike bag. I reach for my knapsack and do another search in the side pockets. Sure enough, the bloody keys are exactly where they should be! I had the keys the whole time I was 'locked out' last night! They had tucked themselves down into the pocket, passed two girlie hair things and a butterfly paper clip.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

not like when I was a kid

Several times when I was a kid (and by 'kid' I mean teenager), I'd forget my keys to the house. I had usually left them in the house without knowing it. I would arrive on the doorstep of my parents' house after school and start digging through my bag, sometimes emptying all the contents before resigning myself. I'd end up across the street at the neighbours'. A few times I was able to slide open the window to my parents' room and climb in. You should be impressed - my parents' room was on the second floor. One time I wasn't so successful and the entire window crashed in. Not such a happy evening for 2D Girl.

Tonight, when I was about 100 yards from my front doorstep, I realized that I'd left my keys in my bike bag at work. I turned around and walked to the park. I called Hubby to let him know. I sat on a bench until I was too chilly and then walked to the Bistro for an espresso.

I sat at the bar, read some neighbourhood news and tried to be patient with a Stella sipping crazy lady two stools away. (She looked perfectly harmless. I am disappointed that my usually fine tuned Crazy-o-metre was on the fritz. Damn you, Crazy-o-metre! Damn you!) If it hadn't been for Crazy Stella Lady, I would have had a fully corrective locked-out-of-the-house experience.

Monday, May 21, 2007

KR was right & other updates

My friend, KR, told me weeks ago that the only way to really get your boxes unpacked after a move is to set a date for a party. I've been beating myself up for the never-ending mess in the house: boxes, tools, clothing not put away, baseboards missing. The list goes on and on. I've struggled with feeling incredibly lazy and just trying to keep up with our regular life - eating, laundry, making a lunch for work.

My nephews are coming to stay with us on the first weekend in June. I want them to have a room to sleep in. Finally I have a deadline to get that second bedroom organized. I made a really good dent in it this weekend. I think I got rid of about 7 more boxes. I can probably do three more before we eat dinner.

KR was right; you need a deadline to force yourself to face the boxes.

I'm already feeling a lot better about the house than I did last week. It gets depressing living in clutter and disorganization. I just have to keep doing a little bit every chance I get.

Other updates:

I'm making good progress on a secret crochet project. I can't tell you anymore than that, hence the name 'secret crochet project'.

I'm almost done with the purse kit that Haley 'donated' to my crochet cause. Once all the crochet is done Haley will finish it up with a bit of sewing that I don't have the patience for. I think the finished project will be really nice.

I've picked out 5 skeins of Berry Red Cotton Fleece to make a camisole/T-shirt for myself. I'll start this once the secret project is done. It's going to look great!

I went to a very sexy wedding reception on the weekend at The Sultan's Tent on Front Street. The food and wine were fantastic! The decor is beautiful, red, golds, and dark wood (set up as Moroccan tents). The belly dancing was the sexiest wedding entertainment I've ever seen! It was really very nice.


Hubby and I have been together for over four years now. In all those years. We have not had one summer vacation together. His work tends to pick up right around March or April and is going strong by June, July and August. I need to take a summer vacation every year to cope with burn out symptoms.

This year Hubby started a gig in April and told me that there would be a hiatus in June. My vacation was booked for the last two weeks of June; the hiatus, of course, was scheduled for the first two weeks. I was actually successful in getting one of my weeks rescheduled so that Hubby and I could take a week together. I made him promise to get out of town with me for a night or two. I even started researching some road trip ideas.

Happily, a week or so ago, Hubby found out that his television project is going to make it to camera! He gave notice at his job and started to have meetings about his own project. It only took me a couple of days to figure out that our vacation plans were mostly down the toilet. It seems like Hubby will actually be in Winnipeg the week that we planned to go on a little road trip.

Fate is against us. Shall I go to Winnipeg? Shall I crash the business trip, be the tag-along wife? I have mixed feelings. I can hang with Hubby's sister, whom I like very much. I'll get to go to my favourite breakfast joint The Falafel Place on Corydon Avenue and my favourite steak house Rae and Jerry's (50s flashback extraordinaire). The major problem would be the 'industry talk'. I am not exaggerating when I say that the industry talk will likely be 24-7. There's only so much a girl can take.

(If you are ever in Winnipeg, you MUST get to Rae and Jerry's. The waitresses still wear red polyester dresses and serve tomato juice in a glass on a saucer. The decor is new, but reminiscent of the original - wood paneling and red vinyl, with carpet throughout.)