Sunday, April 27, 2008

Tired post

I am tired. I think I am learning slowly that I cannot maintain my previous level of activity. This sucks because I like to get things done in order to 'earn' my down time. Now that I have recorded this possibly twisted sense (theory?) of responsibility and productivity on my blog I am wondering if it warrants a tune-up with my lovely therapist (it's been years since I last saw her). I digress.

I find I have to lay down more often than I would like. Immediately following this post, I am headed for the couch. My ribs hurt. I can feel ligaments stretching under my belly. My toochis muscles are stiff! I feel sort of pooped in general.

I think I did a lot this weekend. Here is a list of the stuff I can actually remember:

bundled and bagged renovation garbage ready for Tuesday morning (my porch looks a lot better now!)
road my bike with Hubby to/from Kensington Market for our beloved market shop
laundry, laundry, laundry
changed the sheets on the bed
hand washing
cleaned the damn tub (this required more stretching than I am comfortable with)
dishes, dishes, dishes (no dishwasher)
walked over 3 miles with Hubby last night (this was enjoyable and tiring)
tidied up the dining room post-tax hell (it was a hellish mess)
scraped and swept old leaves and renovation mess off our driveway
wrote six long over due letters (snail mail!)
caught up on emails & phone calls
found 2006 tax info needed to apply for day care (That's right! We are getting on wait lists now because nos amis avec les enfants have warned us not to wait. Fingers crossed for the day care across the street.)

Things I still want to do:

bake cookies
sand door frame
finish laundry
make my own dinner (Hubby's at poker)

It is likely all about the second trimester and my deep rooted characteristics coming through, but I am finding it a bit more challenging to deal with clutter and disorganization. Hubby and I have very different levels of tolerance in this area. I have relaxed A LOT in this area over the past five years, but I notice myself fantasizing about how the renovations (mostly related to storage issues) are going to make my home a beautiful & well organized place to live.

On a warmer, fiber related topic, I am re-learning to knit! I can't show you my progress since I am working on a top secret project (ie. gift for a regular blog reader). The gals that have seen it have given me very positive feedback.

I am off to the couch.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Week 15 belly!

Check it out!

It seems like it grows about every second day now!

Mush brain

About twice a year I get together with a couple of friends who used to work with me. We enjoy some drinks and nachos and catch up on our relationships and general gossip. We had a date set up for last week. That date got postponed since one of us was putting an offer in on a condo. The make up date was last night. I forgot to go. Total mush brain.

Around 6:45 my cell phone rang. I shuffled off the couch to grab it. One of the gals was calling me to find out where I was. I was completely clueless! The conversation must have been a little bit odd for her, because I'm sure my voice had an air of 'Wow. We hardly ever talk on the phone. I wonder why you are calling me.', and she was probably thinking 'Wow. What's up with 2D Girl? She sounds totally clueless.'.

Previously pregnant friends had warned me how they parked their cars incorrectly and been towed (twice!), locked keys in their car with the car running, and even locked themselves out of their homes, etc, etc. Earlier this week I was feeling so proud of not having locked myself out of the house, or gone the wrong direction on the subway, or missed a date with hubby.

I've felt a bit down ever since that call last night. I missed out on the gossipy fun! I completely stood up my gal pals! I have MUSH BRAIN!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

This ain't no April Fool's...Are you sitting down?!

Hubby and I are having a baby! We have safely entered our 2nd trimester and are starting to spread the good news. We've been sitting on our news since week 4. It hasn't been easy, especially for Ms. Tendency-To-Be-An-Open-Book herself - moi! Babe is due to arrive on October 11.

I feel quite lucky regarding my 1st trimester symptoms. I haven't experienced any real nausea and no puking at all. Hubby and I are equally surprised by this, since I have been a puker all my life. I even puke when my menstrual cycle turns up as a monstrual cycle. The biggest changes I've had to handle have been exhaustion (falling asleep right after dinner), crazy hunger, super sensitive smelling, and digestive upset (gas, gas, heartburn, gas, heartburn, constipation). No one ever told me about the digestive funkiness pregnant women face. It's a little wacky.

We had our first ultrasound this afternoon. We got to see the kid in its warm watery home. We had a good look at its profile and could clearly see its little up-turned baby nose! Two arms, two legs, a beating heart at a healthy rate, and a spine. It is currently curled up on the left side of my uterus. Lyndsey, the technician, tappity-tapped the wand on my belly and the babe did a little break dancing move from its hips! Cool!

If you are interested, I recommend the following preggers reads: Bear With Me by Diane Flacks (local Torontonian!) and From the Hips by Rebecca Odes and Ceridwen Morris.

More updates will surely come - stay tuned!

Vacation report

We arrived home yesterday from our 6 day adventure in San Fran. SF rocks! We both loved it!

Here are a few highlights...

A peaceful walk in Muir Woods

A shared lunch at Moishe Pippic's on Hayes. Holy cow, was it amazing! We earned it, having walked 4 miles from our hotel exploring the city.

The historic streetcars are actually quite charming, although noisy. We took this streetcar from the Castro back to our hotel near 3rd and Market(same day as the 4 mile walk).

High-end Mexican dinner at Maya on 2nd Street

Alcatraz! I know, I know, I'm surprised that I liked it as much as I did. The audio tour that leads you through the Cell House is really, really good! The Eucalyptus tree was in bloom on the island and it smelled wonderful!

We also were completely spoiled by Marvin's cousin and aunt. We enjoyed a few meals with them in San Bruno and SF. Here we are at Hunan Home's on Jackson in SF.

After dinner Cousin J took us on a two hour car tour around some SF neighbourhoods we hadn't reached yet, including the Coit Tower. Wonderful views of the city!

On our last day, we were lucky to share time with our lovely friend from Toronto! It was her birthday the next day and she was in SF coincidentally overlapping our trip.

I don't have a photo of our hotel, but I can't say enough good things about the Galleria Park Hotel (a Joie de Vivre hotel). The room was cozy, but comfortable with lovely linens, a wonderful deep tub and shower, and modern EQ 3 type furniture. Within 5 minutes of settling into our room the Guest Services staff called to inquire if the room was satisfactory. An hour later a small bottle of wine, four chocolate mints, and a handwritten note welcoming us to the hotel arrived at our door. Lovely!