Tuesday, April 01, 2008

This ain't no April Fool's...Are you sitting down?!

Hubby and I are having a baby! We have safely entered our 2nd trimester and are starting to spread the good news. We've been sitting on our news since week 4. It hasn't been easy, especially for Ms. Tendency-To-Be-An-Open-Book herself - moi! Babe is due to arrive on October 11.

I feel quite lucky regarding my 1st trimester symptoms. I haven't experienced any real nausea and no puking at all. Hubby and I are equally surprised by this, since I have been a puker all my life. I even puke when my menstrual cycle turns up as a monstrual cycle. The biggest changes I've had to handle have been exhaustion (falling asleep right after dinner), crazy hunger, super sensitive smelling, and digestive upset (gas, gas, heartburn, gas, heartburn, constipation). No one ever told me about the digestive funkiness pregnant women face. It's a little wacky.

We had our first ultrasound this afternoon. We got to see the kid in its warm watery home. We had a good look at its profile and could clearly see its little up-turned baby nose! Two arms, two legs, a beating heart at a healthy rate, and a spine. It is currently curled up on the left side of my uterus. Lyndsey, the technician, tappity-tapped the wand on my belly and the babe did a little break dancing move from its hips! Cool!

If you are interested, I recommend the following preggers reads: Bear With Me by Diane Flacks (local Torontonian!) and From the Hips by Rebecca Odes and Ceridwen Morris.

More updates will surely come - stay tuned!


jacquieblackman said...

What wonderful news... congratulations!

MezzoDiva said...

AAAAHHHHH! That's fantastic!

I suspected something was up when I saw you at SnB a couple of weeks ago looking all glowy, but you kept a lid on the news so very effectively (Ms.TTBAOB), I just decided it must be a figment of my imagination.

Yippee! Yahoo!! Way to go M&M!!!

Soooo very happy for you!
(in case you can't tell)


Lisa said...

WHEEEEEE!!!! Yay! I am SO EXCITED for you!!! So, happy, so pleased, so all good thoughts to you! And I'll be back before the baby's born. Sweeeet!