Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Vacation report

We arrived home yesterday from our 6 day adventure in San Fran. SF rocks! We both loved it!

Here are a few highlights...

A peaceful walk in Muir Woods

A shared lunch at Moishe Pippic's on Hayes. Holy cow, was it amazing! We earned it, having walked 4 miles from our hotel exploring the city.

The historic streetcars are actually quite charming, although noisy. We took this streetcar from the Castro back to our hotel near 3rd and Market(same day as the 4 mile walk).

High-end Mexican dinner at Maya on 2nd Street

Alcatraz! I know, I know, I'm surprised that I liked it as much as I did. The audio tour that leads you through the Cell House is really, really good! The Eucalyptus tree was in bloom on the island and it smelled wonderful!

We also were completely spoiled by Marvin's cousin and aunt. We enjoyed a few meals with them in San Bruno and SF. Here we are at Hunan Home's on Jackson in SF.

After dinner Cousin J took us on a two hour car tour around some SF neighbourhoods we hadn't reached yet, including the Coit Tower. Wonderful views of the city!

On our last day, we were lucky to share time with our lovely friend from Toronto! It was her birthday the next day and she was in SF coincidentally overlapping our trip.

I don't have a photo of our hotel, but I can't say enough good things about the Galleria Park Hotel (a Joie de Vivre hotel). The room was cozy, but comfortable with lovely linens, a wonderful deep tub and shower, and modern EQ 3 type furniture. Within 5 minutes of settling into our room the Guest Services staff called to inquire if the room was satisfactory. An hour later a small bottle of wine, four chocolate mints, and a handwritten note welcoming us to the hotel arrived at our door. Lovely!

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jacquieblackman said...

Alcatraz is my favorite! I insist that every one do the headphone tour when I'm asked of about the top things to do in SF.

Glad you did it and don't be embarrassed that you liked it. It rocks!