Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Grammar final - part II

Forgot to write about getting my final exam back - 36/40.

I made three stupid mistakes on that test, but overall I think I got an A in the course.

Next semester: Copy Editing

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Memory Lane

My father gave me a wonderful gift yesterday: 2 CDs with thousands of family photos.

I am a very romantic and nostalgic person. I've spent the better part of two hours laughing and crying looking at the first four hundred pictures. My parents as a young couple. My sister as a sweet toddler. Me waving and grinning after my first bike ride. My grandparents in the kitchen of their farm house.

Here are a few...

My parents (late 50s early 60s?)


2D Girl and Mommy

Sunday, December 24, 2006

ramble, ramble

Sorry about being interrupted by Little Women. I just had to watch the young Katharine Hepburn as Jo. When Laurie proposed to Jo and she turned him down because her love for him is platonic, my heart wrenched and soared all at once. Is she brave? Is she honest? Is she stubborn? Will she regret this? Is she a lesbian in the 1800s?

Hubby came home about 2/3rds through the movie and he went for the remote immediately. He impatiently asked if I was actually watching the movie and quickly discerned that channel changing would equal pain.

More about Christmas spirit:

I sent only 3 or 4 cards this year, 2 of which came back because I forgot to put addresses on the envelopes! I intuited this about 4 hours after mailing them. Thank goodness for return address labels.

House hunting:

We've officially started! It is exciting and scary. I don't think we will find our house very quickly. I'm feeling patient and looking forward to seeing a lot of properties. Stay tuned for more hype when THE house is viewed.


Wrapping gifts.
Winding a skein of yarn at Knitomatic.
Enjoying pea soup I made last night.
Picking up fancy beer from the LCBO.
Hanging with Hubby who has been working a lot lately.
Maybe a movie.
A drink with friends may happen, too.

Yarn yearning:

I think a fibre addiction is taking hold of me. I noticed yesterday, before leaving Knitomatic, I couldn't help but poke around a tiny bit at the beautiful yarns. I spotted something I like (I don't know the name) and immediately riffled through a crochet pattern book to see what I could make with it. In that moment I realized how stashes begin. I don't need to know now what project I will use it for. I just need to buy it and wait for the right project to come along.

I know that I will eye it every time I go in the store. It is a blend of fibres in pink and fuschia tones with a thread of black shot through. I think it is a medium weight. Perhaps it would make a lovely shawl.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

long time no blog

I'm surprised that my last blog was 2 weeks ago! It's not that I haven't had things to share. I can't recall what I've been doing instead of blogging. Likely I've been crocheting.

Crocheting seems like a good place to start now. Here's what's up with my yarn:

I've made two more corrective hats. I made an infant sized hat in soft two tone with left over yarn from the Skinny Minnie scarf. It is sweet beyond belief! The second hat (toddler sized) is in turquoise and green. Sorry, no pictures. I'm much too lazy tonight.

I've started some leg warmers and I'm half way through another market bag. I've been making the market bags since late summer and they've made fantastic holiday gifts for our friends.

Christmas spirit report:

2 weeks ago I was surprised to discover that my Christmas spirit was lulling close to zero. This is not what I am used to. In my own way I get excited about the holidays. Even though I have never been one for decorations, I love baking cookies, planning a holiday brunch, buying gifts, etc, etc.

About every 5 days my spirit got a little perk, but just yesterday I was still getting by at only 25%. I had made half assed attempts at baking cookies - mixing batter on Tuesday and not baking until Saturday. I forced myself to make tamari almonds; these are always a crowd pleaser, so it is worth it.

Today I ventured out to Kensington Market with my own two market bags. I would be the biggest grinch if I left Kensington without my Christmas spirit getting a boost. The music, the bustle, the holiday greetings - I really got into it! (Too bad Hubby had to work and miss our Kensington rituals). I'm not at 100%, but I dare say that the spirit is coasting at 65%.

Tomorrow I have a few prezzies to wrap for some kiddies in my life. I might get a little boost from that, too.

Kensington Market rituals:

Latte from Ideal
Cheese and olives from Global Cheese (we love their enthusiasm)
Bagels from Market Bakery
Dark chocolate covered almonds from Casa Acoreana (just a handful, enough to eat while strolling around the Market)

Ummmm... enough blogging for now. Little Women (1933) is on cable right now and I'm just too into it to write more.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Crochet - 1 Xbox - 0

Once in awhile Hubby sees an Xbox commercial and says that we should invite my nephews (9 & 6 yrs old) for a sleep over and rent the Xbox for them. Sure, sure, the Xbox would be for the nephews... sure.

Since the beginning of December, the video game commercials have been in high gear and Hubby's shtick has gone up a few notches. He has this cute little boy thing going on and even though he is mostly joking about wanting Xbox, there is a part of him that really wants this big boy toy. He likes to see how far he can push the joking around; he's watching for the first signs that I'm breaking, wearing down under his charming little boy routine.

About a week ago Hubby said something that made me think that he's really getting serious about buying an Xbox. My blood started to boil a wee bit. I turned to him and said, "The only way you are getting an Xbox is if you go on a weekly chore schedule! I am not going to be the one keeping this place together while you are sitting around playing Xbox!" Hubby laughed so hard that I started laughing.

(Looking back, I am a little scared at how quickly my internal nag came out to play. I don't want to become that kind of wife).

Last night Hubby was taking note of a few groceries that we need, bread being one of them. I said that I had planned on making bread (in the bread machine), but I got distracted putting fringe on scarves.

Hubby turns to me, cocks his eyebrow, and says, "Ummm, excuse me, is your crochet like an Xbox?"

For about a millisecond I thought, "Shit! He's got me!".

But then my logical mind kicked in.

"Uh, no. My crochet is not like an Xbox, because today I did laundry, dishes, and errands for us. I took the recycling out, cleaned the bathroom and tidied up! I got all those things done before I even started on the fringe."

So there.

Crochet - 1 Xbox - 0

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Promised photos

Here are a couple of pics of the phthalo turquoise corrective hat:

Isn't it cute?! I love it!


Ta-da! Here is Skinny Minnie! She still needs her full fringe added (that's a project for Saturday morning), but I couldn't wait to show you!

It is a bit skinnier than I thought it would be. The picture in the pattern book seems to look a bit wider, but there are only 17 rows; this Skinny Minnie is also 17 rows.

I think this is going to look F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S on Cousin! It is soft, soft, soft, crocheted with Fable yarns (and one VIP); Cousin's neck will surely feel pampered.

Here is a detail shot:

I think I'll have to make another one for me!

Next project: Mama needs some legwarmers to wear with her pjs/comfy clothes around house! Me calves are chilly!

I've also been day dreaming about making my own pattern for a felted hot water bottle cover. When I have cramps and need to take my hot water bottle out in public I want to look fashionable, not frumpy.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Can't sleep

I'm awake. I've been awake since 3am. I can't sleep. I want so much to sleep, but it evades me. Instead, my mind obsesses over things I could have said, should have said. I am my own worst enemy.

Obsessing over these details is a waste of time and sleeping hours. I know this, yet my mind will not turn itself off. I also know this is part of my PMS. I love being a woman, but this PMS thing is wearing me out.

I want to stay in bed today. I want to have the luxury of embracing sleep when it graces me with its presence. 2D Girl + PMS + sleeplessness + work = bad news.

Please, oh, please, I just want to sleep. Sleeeeeeep. Sleeeeeeeeeeeep. Pleeeeaaasse, let me sleeeeeeeeeep.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Great hubby handles PMS like a pro!

Before I cuddle up to my Hubby in bed, I want to tell you again how great he is.

Tonight I met up with Hubby at Smokeless Joe's on John Street, after I had my fill at Body Blitz. Usually Body Blitz cures all that ails me, but tonight it just didn't. It wasn't that the soothing Blitz waters were lacking. My PMS neediness arrived today, started hanging around and wouldn't take the hint to SHOVE OFF. I am thankful that I could identify this and explain to Hubby. He pulled my bar chair right next to his, put his manly man arm around me and the world started to seem right again.

Sigh. I'm lucky.

Corrective hat experience

Remember the hat that gave me so much grief? Well, the other night during a break from the Skinny Minnie scarf, I whipped up another version of the hat in just over 4 hours! I followed the pattern as is, and it seems the perfect size for a toddler. I used a lovely turquoise Baby Alpaca.

I'm too lazy to take a picture now. Watch for a photo later this week. I will likely have pics of the finished scarf exchange special and the finished Skinny Minnie - oooooohhhh, it is lovely!

Well the hat that almost drove me crazy will be hand-delivered tomorrow night to my dear friend, SH. I hope it feels super soft and comfy on his noggin. I think he will look great in it and will wear it a lot, even though my mom says that crocheted hats aren't warm enough. Pshaw! Pshaw, I say! It is a gorgeous, luxurious hat and his head will mew when he slips it on.

The corrective hat, in turquoise (I think a phthalo turquoise - my FAV!), is cute beyond belief and I just want to make a hundred of them!

Monday, December 11, 2006


I just got home from work. I poured myself a cocktail, over rocks with a lemon, and sat down on the couch. I will soon get up to serve myself a bowl of homemade (by Hubby) soup. I will sit back down on the couch and not move all night. My ass is staying on this couch and not moving.

Friday, December 08, 2006

I'm a big winner!

I went to my office Holiday Party this afternoon. It is a dry event. Enough said. At least no one has any excuses for behaving badly.

I have to say, the Party Planning Committee puts a lot of effort into getting good quality door prizes. They lay them out on a table for people to peruse before the draws happen. There were quite a few prizes: gift cards from various stores, gift baskets, wine, jewelery, tins of cookies, etc.

Two of my co-workers, G & C, had to leave early, so they gave me their tickets. We wrote our names on the back of our individual tickets and I was charged with collecting choosing prizes if our numbers were called.

So there I was, crocheting the Skinny Minnie (scroll down), with three little draw tickets lined up on my thigh. The second number called was G's! Up I leapt, Skinny Minnie falling to the floor, and rushed over to the prize table without even getting the ticket verified! I was so excited! I love winning, even when it isn't my ticket. I rushed to the front to show the ticket and make sure they knew I was collecting for G, not me. I was able to get G's first choice: HUGE gift basket from Second Cup. She will be thrilled!

About 7 draws later, my own nubmer was called! This time I lay Skinny Minnie down nicely and remember to go to the front first. There were some protests from the crowd until I explained (again) that the last win was G's, not mine. I was able to get my first choice: LCBO $25 gift card! We love our wine and scotch in this house. A perfect prize for the holiday season.

The second to last draw was C's number! This time there was lots of laughing and hollering when I went to the front. I was loving it! I just kept winning! Too bad the selection was a bit meager for C's prize, but I choice a silver(ish) necklace for her that likely she will re-gift.

Immediately following the door prize draws, the 50-50 ticket was being drawn. I leaned over to J, sitting beside me, and said, "Wouldn't it be hillarious if G & I won the 50-50? We bought tickets together. I'll just pee my pants if that happens!" We all laughed.

Well, our luck had run out. Our numbers weren't even close. I have to say that I was feeling a little cocky. How could we not win? If I (we) won three door prizes the 50-50 should have been in the bag. No such luck.

It was a small jackpot anyway.

Grammar final

I've had some inquiries about my Grammar final.

The final was this week on Tuesday. I thought it was hard, but fair.

I will likely receive the results in the mail early next week.

I'll let you know.

Lotsa Photos!

Here is my entry with lotsa photos! We are trying out a new digital camera this weekend. I'm not sold on it yet, but we'll see.

ATTENTION: If you know that I am crocheting you a gift/project and you want to hold on to the suspense, mystery, and excitement, do not read this entry!

I will start with updates on projects completed.

My Mom's 65th birthday Luscious Stole is finally done and here's the picture to prove it. I would have modelled it, but it was hard to take my own picture with it on. Plus, it is early in the day and I have not beautified myself yet. 2D Girl pre-toilette is a little bit shocking.

I bought a shiny gold box and white and gold wide ribbon for wrapping this stole. I want it to be extra special in all its presentation stages. I think I even have gold tissue paper, but perhaps white will look better.

Here is the hat for my friend's birthday:

I really, really like it and the Misti Alpaca is so very soft. I'm going to make two more of these, one adult sized and one toddler sized. Stay tuned for progress.

Here is MezzoDiva's scarf sans fringe:

Isn't it gorgeous!? If she wants the fringe, I will put it on today or tomorrow and she will be toasty warm just in time for the minus double digits.

As you know, we are doing a scarf exchange. I must say, this has been a lot of fun for me. We met a couple of times at Knitomatic to fondled yarns and consult with Haley. Once the yarns were purchased I htink we both dove in immediately. We both get to make something beautiful and receive something beautiful. It is a BRILLIANT idea!

Tip on participating in project exchanges: 3 pints of beer do not mix with working on exchange projects. I had to rip out almost two entire rows the next day.

Here is my latest project in its infant stage:

This is my cousin's scarf. She is a new mom. She's going to look MARVELOUS in this scarf with baby on hip. Baby, by the way, is just about the cutest baby I have ever met. The photos on cousin's blog, which are fantastic, do not do him justice. He is just super duper scrumptious in real life! I know you think I am biased, but I'm being honest.

Cousin's scarf is the Skinny Minnie from Candi Jansen's Crochet Scarves!

Cousin and I picked out some beautiful colours in Fable: Violet (12), Shade (02), Chocolate (08), Suede (09). The fifth ball is a soft pink from VIP.

I may have to put this down to start on the toddler hat, but both will be fini before New Year's Eve I think.

Enough blogging... time for toilette routine and tidying up the domain.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Fifth time is a charm

On November 24th I started a hat project for a friend's birthday. I was seeing him on the 27th and I thought the hat would be a piece of cake to finish in three days.

Today is December 3rd and I JUST finished the bloody thing! I had to rip it out four times! I realized, too late, that the pattern was way too small; it was more toddler sized than adult sized. Then I made it WAY TOO BIG. Third time, still too big but smaller than the second attempt. Fourth time two stitches too big. Fifth time - finally - was right on.

(Here's is where I would insert a picture if my digital camera was working.)

Another happily completed project: my mom's 65th birthday Luscious Stole! (Another picture belongs here.) I finished crocheting it a couple of weeks ago and I had only the finishing touches to work on (hooks and attach flower). I had a bit of a problem figuring out the angle of the hooks and then the placement of the flower. After getting some help with that, it was smooth sailing. I even made a second flower, more layers than the pattern called for, to see which was best suited; I went with the smaller flower.

I love it! Hubby says my mom is going to love it too!