Saturday, December 16, 2006

Crochet - 1 Xbox - 0

Once in awhile Hubby sees an Xbox commercial and says that we should invite my nephews (9 & 6 yrs old) for a sleep over and rent the Xbox for them. Sure, sure, the Xbox would be for the nephews... sure.

Since the beginning of December, the video game commercials have been in high gear and Hubby's shtick has gone up a few notches. He has this cute little boy thing going on and even though he is mostly joking about wanting Xbox, there is a part of him that really wants this big boy toy. He likes to see how far he can push the joking around; he's watching for the first signs that I'm breaking, wearing down under his charming little boy routine.

About a week ago Hubby said something that made me think that he's really getting serious about buying an Xbox. My blood started to boil a wee bit. I turned to him and said, "The only way you are getting an Xbox is if you go on a weekly chore schedule! I am not going to be the one keeping this place together while you are sitting around playing Xbox!" Hubby laughed so hard that I started laughing.

(Looking back, I am a little scared at how quickly my internal nag came out to play. I don't want to become that kind of wife).

Last night Hubby was taking note of a few groceries that we need, bread being one of them. I said that I had planned on making bread (in the bread machine), but I got distracted putting fringe on scarves.

Hubby turns to me, cocks his eyebrow, and says, "Ummm, excuse me, is your crochet like an Xbox?"

For about a millisecond I thought, "Shit! He's got me!".

But then my logical mind kicked in.

"Uh, no. My crochet is not like an Xbox, because today I did laundry, dishes, and errands for us. I took the recycling out, cleaned the bathroom and tidied up! I got all those things done before I even started on the fringe."

So there.

Crochet - 1 Xbox - 0

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