Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Busy = piles

How does it happen that I find myself in the middle of two weeks with absolutely every evening jammed packed with things to do and places to be? Mostly it is pleasure and some of it is obligation. No matter what is scheduled the result is the same - I get behind in ALL my domestic needs (making nutritious lunches, washing dishes, ironing, doing minor cleaning, keeping up with the mail). Things start to pile up. I end up eating out more and more because I am never home to prepare a meal. Then I stop feeling like I want to go home because there is so much bloody crap to get done before I can allow myself to sit and rest.

Strategy: get up a little bit early tomorrow and get a few things done.

Easier written than done, but I shall try my best.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Cellophane update

I feel like I made a little bit of progress today on losing that cellophane wrapping. At work today I shared one tidbit about my weekend that I would consider personal. I shared it with my closest friend at work. Not all of my tidbits with all of my work pals. Just one tidbit and one work pal.


Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Chillin post monstrual attack

I'm home alone tonight even though Hubby is in town. He's out with a friend having boy drinks and industry talk. I'm always welcome to join them, but I had another Monstrual Attack this morning and I need some quiet time. I didn't write about the monstrual attack I had two months ago - brutal. I'm a little surprised that I had another one so soon. Until September 2007 I had been monstrual cycle free for one year.

This morning's attack had a little less bite to it, but only because of Hubby's quick thinking and action. The second the cramping started he rushed to get the heavy duty prescription pills and a glass of milk. I was able to get it down and keep it down for a good 10 or 15 minutes. I think a little bit of the pill's magic was able to reach my cramping uterus.

I had an hour nap, took a shower, and treated myself to a latte and french toast at the end of my street. I was able to walk half way to work before I needed to get on the bus. I planned to leave work early, but I made it to 5 o'clock.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


I notice when I am being too transparent. I notice it right in the moment when I am saying the words that I should just not say. I hate it. Immediately after the words have left my lips I want to grab them all back. I want to be more clothed. I enjoy being nude; I don't enjoy being naked.

As I get older, I feel like there are more things in life to hold precious, to keep close. I haven't had a lot of practice at that. I know how to change habits. I explain to people everyday how to change habits. I've done it in my life before. I want to change this habit of being a piece of cellophane.

Less cellophane.

More clothing.

Habit changing commencing.