Tuesday, January 23, 2007

little house update

House, house, house... our life is about the house. The house that now has multiple holes in the walls and ceilings. Ah, well, at least we won't fry ourselves on the hidden knob & tube on the top floor.

Next up: deal with heating duct problems on the same floor. I can't even describe it.

I love our new house and can't wait to move in late in March! I have so much packing to do.

I've snuck in a little crocheting. I've finished a gauge swatch for some wrist warmers using left over Fable Alpaca from the Skinny Minnie Scarf! Yeah! So, I shall start on one wrist warmer and see how far I get without having to buy more yarn - all money is dedicated to the house currently. I've actually stopped buying timmie's coffee on my work breaks, too. I figure if I don't buy coffee for 3 weeks, I can spend $12 on yarn.

Off to bed to read predictable easy read novel that is good for distraction, but not for promoting deep thoughts.

night, night

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Crochet, house, crochet, house

I finally started a second leg warmer this afternoon. I've sometimes worn the single that I made weeks ago around the apartment with its ends all dangling out. I can't buy any new yarn for a long, long time (because we get possession of our house in 2 DAYS), so I decided I had better concentrate on finishing up a few small projects that I had put aside.

Crochet projects I can work on:

second leg warmer
market bags (never hurts to have a few around for hostess gifts)
baby booties (I have old acrylic stash for this)
I have some hemp. I could make something with that.
hot water bottle cover
attach retro buttons to green double knit baby top

Hubby says I will be too busy knocking down walls and cleaning our new kitchen to crochet anything. He is probably right.

We pick up the keys on MONDAY!

I found some large, but tacky cushions in our storage locker today. I thought of sending them off to the Goodwill, but then it occurred to me that I could crochet new covers for them. I think I can check out a few patterns, adjust/enlarge and make something I really like.

I packed three boxes today.

I checked our lottery ticket today. We didn't win.

Friday, January 05, 2007

The BIG Announcement!

Hubby and I raced to our Realtor's office this afternoon and at 1:27 p.m. signed off on the final papers for the house!!! Hubby immediately went into an anxiety spin and I started grinning from ear to ear.

Unless the Universe takes a few devious twists and turns in the next week, Hubby and I will be happy homeowners on January 15!

I am SO looking forward to having a house, a home of our own. We are really lucky to have found a house in our neighbourhood - we love it here! I can still walk to work. We'll be even closer to our grocery store and favourite happy butcher. TTC a 5 minute walk. Three bedrooms, enough room for guests and the ever coveted office space for Hubby who works from home quite a bit. A large kitchen that needs some TLC, but we are looking forward to designing something we'll love. A fairly good sized yard by Toronto standards that is just waiting for some loving landscaping.

Sooooo many things racing through my head tonight... after a good night's sleep I hope I can slow down a bit and get a little more focused.

Limbo morning

We may find out today that our offer has been accepted and that we are now home owners. If that call comes there will be more signatures and initials, faxing tons of papers to the mortgage broker and the lawyer, and general excited running around and calls to make.

I don't know what to do with myself while waiting for the news. There is laundry to be done, but I imagine sitting in the laundry mat with our clothes in mid-wash cycle when the call comes. AAAGGGHHHH! Wet clothes, signatures, calls, and faxes! I could possibly go a tiny bit crazy (no comments from the peanut gallery, please!).

Hmmm... I could do a few errands in our neighbourhood: buy mouse traps, buy stamps, mail letters. I could read my new book. I could read this week's Maclean's.




Thursday, January 04, 2007

Excitement, excitement!

Ummmm... Hubby and I may be homeowners tomorrow!


Stay tuned!