Sunday, September 30, 2007


I'm Canadian. I'm a typical Canadian. When I see a celebrity I tend to poke the person next to me and say, "Hey, look. It's what's her name from that movie." I consider it rude to approach someone in a restaurant for an autograph. I may take a second look if I see a celeb in Yorkville, but I'd never try to chat them up. Firstly, I wouldn't know what to say and secondly, it's just got to be so weird for them. I'd make a fool of myself and they'd have to suffer through yet another awkward fan moment.

Having stated the above, I behaved a tiny bit like a star struck fan on Friday night. Hubby took me to see the Rick Mercer Report. I just love Rick Mercer! He's funny and intelligent. He seems humble. He looks fantastic in a suit. He can laugh at himself. He's adventurous and seems to have a good heart. Even though he plays for the other team, I do have a little kissy face fantasy about him.

Here's me and Hubby in line and me with my ticket:

I was pretty excited!

Here's Rick at his desk during the taping!

After the taping of the show, Hubby and I waited around to chat with the director (a business acquaintance of Hubby's) and we were the last guests to leave the studio. We stood in a line that we thought was for the elevator. Along came an assistant who asked us if we wanted an autograph. Hubby immediately answered, "No." The assistant told us to follow her to the elevator. (We'd been standing in the autograph line.) Before I knew it, I was about to step on an elevator and miss my chance to meet Rick! I took a peak over my right shoulder and saw Rick signing autographs and having his picture taken with fans. I wanted a picture! I wanted a autograph! I turned to Hubby and sheepishly told him that I wanted to get back in line. Even though I had to put up with Hubby teasing me, it was completely worth it!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Everything New

Ever have one of those days when everything around you seems fresh and new and lovely? It's one of those days when just about anything seems possible. I had one of those days today. I had an appointment with my new family doctor - he rocks! People I passed on the streets of Toronto just seemed more open and friendly. The bus driver even seemed to be in a good mood! People on my street waved and said hello as I passed by.

I love days like this. I feel like everything I have to get done will get done easily and happily. I can even see the gifts and possibilities in things that don't go according to plan. Time seems to go by at just the right pace.

I like today. Today is a good day.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Nice morning

I love getting up on a weekend morning when the rest of my street is still asleep. I get to putter around quietly. I think. I do a few dishes. I make coffee and frothy milk. I crack open the newspaper.

Nice morning.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Old recipe is good comfort food

I felt a little blue off and on today. If I don't feed myself properly, my blues always get the best of me for a few hours. So, before leaving work today I put my food-thinking cap on and focused myself on nourishing myself tonight.

Great Hubby usually does the cooking around here. He had lots of practice making delicious food from almost nothing in fridge in his previous incarnation as a starving artist and short order cook. Since his television show has taken off, Hubby has had less and less time for nourishing the Good Wife. I am not complaining, just admitting that I am out of practice and a wee bit lazy in the food department.

I thought I would make a simple shrimp salad that I found on On my way to the fish monger it occurred to me that I used to have quite a few delicious and easy recipes that I prepared for myself all those years ago. A specific recipe jumped into my mind - White Bean Pasta Sauce. Incredibly, the ingredients came to mind right away and I was able to pick up a few required items at the No Frills.

I am now a happy gal with a tummy full of yummy pasta with white bean sauce. I'm not blue and I'm not hungry.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Life list

I read an article in the Sunday New York Times a couple of weeks ago. It was about life lists. You know, the things-I-have-to-do-before-I-die list. I've been thinking about my own life list ever since.

It's not an easy list to write. I'm being very careful about what I put on the list. I'm asking myself if the idea is really, truly something that I want to make happen. If I get a hint that I have some romantic, unrealistic idea, I don't put it on the list right away. I think about it some more and really figure out what it is exactly that I want to do.

Here's some of what I have so far:

1) Travel to Prague
2) Make a tea pot on the wheel
3) Learn more about Excel than I know now (I only now the very basics)
4) Publish a crochet pattern
5) Help build a Habitat home
6) Travel to Italy (I think I want to take a culinary course there)

I've inspired someone at work to do his own list. He's really shooting high! I feel my list is a quite conservative compared to his, but I'm comfortable with how I'm approaching it.

Watch for more updates to the list!