Saturday, June 12, 2010

Toddler + blog

Toddler + blog = no posts for almost a year!

Love my wee gal and miss my me time.

I hope to make proper posts again in the coming months. I don't even have an updated photo to post because I have NO TIME to download photos from the camera to my computer.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

long lost blogger

This mama just can't find the time to blog. It rarely crosses my mind that I still have this here bloggy blog. Ah well, such is the life of a mom with an 11 month old baby.

Baby O is super duper happy, making friends where ever she goes, but she is going through another very clingy period right now. She is so often following me around, pulling on my pant leg and wanting to be held that I don't get much else done. The other day I pseudo-cleaned a toilet with Baby O on my left hip. It took some skill keeping her little hands out of the toilet bowl.

I finished my little gal's knitted cardi. Isn't it gorgeous?!

This is the 12 months size and has a lot of room for her to grow into it, especially the sleeves. The bone buttons are a great touch. She looks fantastic!

I've started a linen/cotton blend dress for her in crochet. The bodice is stripy and the skirt is a lovely minty-leaf green. I have the back of the bodice completed. I'll start the front on Sunday likely.

Hubby's show has been nominated for 9 Gemini awards! Woo-hoo! Can't wait to congratulate Hubby when the awards role in! It's also nominated for some Canadian Comedy Awards (St John the first weekend in Oct)!

Well, I am back to work in a couple of weeks. Tomorrow Baby O and I will go to her new daycare for some mommy/baby play time. This will lead to her being there on her own for an hour or two next week. That will lead us up to full time care by the second week of Oct. I've made sure O is full time for 4 days before I have to go back to the office. Mama needs some 'me' time (ie. house cleaning time). I may also get my butt to Body Blitz once.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Oy! Bad blogger!

It has been two months since I've posted! Forgive me!

Quick updates:

Well, we are back in Toronto with a beautiful new kitchen! We love it!

We love being in Toronto where people actually walk places (as opposed to driving everywhere).

Baby O is growing and changing all the time! Just started sitting on her own this week. Last week she perfected her crawling. She's playing peekaboo regularly and loves to put on the charm when we are on the bus or subway. She injects people with smiling juice everywhere she goes! She's also just entered a bit of a clingy phase (developmentally appropriate) with me, so in the morning I'm happy to have Hubby have one-on-one time with her while I enjoy a few minutes of me-time.

I'm on a lemon poppy-seed cake kick lately. It's so easy & fast to make! How could I resist!

Here are a few pictures:

Looking cute with lovely red hair!

Nursing on Fathers' Day

Looking sweet in the lady bug on Fathers' Day

Hubby making pizzas for our Fathers' Day/family birthdays celebration

The lemon poppy-seed cake

Sleeping in her sling during the Dyke March

Awake and loving the 519 splash park after the Dyke March!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Shoe issues

I am having a shoe crisis. This crisis has actually been going on since the late months of my pregnancy. Back then my feet had swollen so much that the only shoes I could get my little piggies into were my black Merrell sandals. This was fine until the days and nights started getting cooler in the Fall. I bought a cheapie pair of black sporty walk around shoes with velcro straps to get me by until baby arrived and the piggies went back to a normal size.

I suffered the winter with a mediocre pair of boots and now I'm back to the sporty walk around shoes. I have a couple of pairs of dressier shoes at home in Toronto, but I couldn't bring a lot to Winnipeg. I did bring a great pair of low burgandy dress boots to Winnipeg. I've had these boots for at least four years and have loved the heck out of them. They've finally bit the dust here in Winnipeg and I'm scrambling!

Do you know how hard it is to shop for shoes with a baby in tow? It's a sloooooooooow process for sure. There are small windows of opportunity for a mom with a baby and my windows allow me to visit about three stores in one mall before they start to close (the windows, not the stores). Given that my window includes travel time to the mall AND changing and feeding baby before we even walk out the door, not much shopping can take place once we are there. I consider these trips research mostly.

I've become a bit of a shoe critic. I check the soles for grip factor. I examine linings. Are they glued in or stitched? I feel for pressure points when I try them on. I now know that I prefer a wider shoe and these are not easily found. I also believe that many people wear shoes that hurt their feet. I just can't do it.

I need a pair of shoes that are not dressy-dressy AND are not athletic, dress down casual. I need the in-between shoe. The shoe to dress up my jeans. The shoe to go with my khakis. Hopefully it is something I could walk a couple of kilometers in without hurting my feet since Hubby and I enjoy walking in Toronto.

I believe that I may have to start paying more for shoes that are better quality and fit.

Stay tuned for more shoe search updates.

Friday, April 17, 2009


Tax receipts compiled and sent to accountant - check!

Two loads of laundry - check!

Bath baby, read baby story, nurse baby, tuck baby in - check!

Recent 2009 receipts filed and table tidied up - check!

Living room tidied up ready for another baby-day tomorrow - check!

Emails replied to - check!

Monthly Facebook photo browsing - check!

Catch-up on blog reading - check!

Empty dishwasher - check!

Load dishwasher - check!

Bake a few cookies from homemade (by someone else) roll in freezer - check!

Make cup of tea - check!

Scoop ice cream into a mug, grab a cookie and tea and relax - DOUBLE CHECK!