Friday, April 20, 2007

No wax it

Since Spring seems to finally have sprung, I decided I'd better get the fur off my legs. It wasn't enough that three weeks ago Hubby rubbed his foot down my shin, as we cuddled in bed, and asked me if I was wearing socks. He almost peed himself right there in bed when I indignantly replied, "NO! That's my leg hair! Humph!"

I made an appointment at my local pedicure/manicure/kids haircutting combo shop for the end of the work week. It's a little dumpy, but they're friendly and the price is right. When I go there I try not to think too much about the industry standards for sterile equipment.

Anyway, I hop up on the table in my undies and t-shirt ready for the leg wax. There's a bruise on my left knee - all purple and green - and a raw quarter size scrape just above it. (A couple of nights ago I tripped on a cement pad near one of those lovely almost dead city sidewalk trees. Major body skid. Knocked the wind out of me.) The whole knee is looking quite ugly.

She's making her way down my left leg and I can't believe it when she swipes the wax over the scrape! I know what's coming next and before I can even protest she presses the cloth strip on it and RIIIIIIIIIPS! FUUUUUUUUUUCK! The scrape starts bleeding and oozing immediately. I don't know what to do; my wax is only a 1/4 finished and there's an obvious imbalance of power since I'm laying there in my undies and she's got the hot wax.

Before I know it she's going after it AGAIN! This time I react, but she says, 'Oh, no. I didn't get it. No wax it. That would hurt you bad. No wax on it. Just around it.' Does she think I can't see?! I mean, I do only have one eye, but the other one works fine! I mumble something like, 'Oh. From this angle it looks like there's wax on it.' Does she think the scrape just spontaneously bleeds and oozes?!

Current status of knee scrape: stinging and oozy, sticking to everything that touches it. Ouch! Hubby is getting some serious sadistic thrills from sneaking touches when I'm not looking. Bad boy!

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Saturday, April 14, 2007

A break from unpacking

This is my little break from unpacking and doing house stuff. We've been up since 5am (I know, I know!) just because that is when we woke up. I lay in bed for awhile and got up just before 6. We've been working on Hubby's office since about 9:30. We're just taking a coffee break and then it is back to the work, work, work.

I make it sound like we are busting our butts unpacking and setting up the house. Honestly, I feel we are taking our sweet ass time. It is hard living regular life with work, cooking, cleaning, laundry, socializing and also setting up the house. We've sort of become used to getting by without all of our stuff accessible.

Truth by told, I would rather read the paper or crochet when I have free time. I've noticed that I'm thinking more and more about baking again, making granola and scones and cakes. If I'm going to bake I have to get the kitchen fully set up.

Now that we are living in the house and we've emptied our storage locker, I notice how much stuff we have that we A) don't have room for, B) have not used, C) will likely never use. One problem we have is that our basement is an apartment for a tenant, so things that other people keep in their basements (large Rubbermaid containers filled with gift wrap, winter clothes, extra dishes for parties, wigs and boas for occasional dress up fun) we just don't have room for.

Well, Hubby is making some lunch and then we are off to the big Duff Mall (on a Saturday - YIKES!) to update our health cards and licenses at the convenient kiosk. I might may a pit stop at Reitmans for some pants for work. Hopefully we'll order the blinds for the apartment on our way home.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Out and about crocheting

This is me at The Paddock crocheting on Monday night. Hubby and I arrived early for a little welcome home celebration for our tv writer friend
who's been away in Vancouver for what seems like forever. So, there I am with my Let's Take a Shower martini (made with real raspberry puree) in front of me while I happily crochet on a lovely summer shawl for my sis. Their XM Radio was tuned to a great rocker station. I'm feeling like I'm in my own heaven - a little Led Zeppelin, a good tart drink, my crochet and my Hubby. All was well until I got half way through the second Let's Take a Shower and I realized the crochet had to go away. More than one raspberry martini and delicate cotton crochet clusters do not mix.

Check out the action on my hands? I look like a super hero crocheter!

Monday, April 09, 2007

First day alone with the house

Today I was alone in the house for the first time. I had the luxury of puttering at my own pace, doing this and that, talking out loud to myself and then going out to do errands. It may not sound like much, but I LOVE being at home alone. Hubby often works from home or keeps house when he is between contracts, which means most of the time I spend at home is spent with him.

There is something about puttering on my own that motivates me. I even made a quick stop at Yorkdale to pick up one more curtain panel. I would never have done this on a holiday Monday if Hubby was with me... well, maybe not never, but it would have happened with a bit of stress - the jam packed parking lot, the crowds roaming the mall; he would have hated it.