Saturday, April 14, 2007

A break from unpacking

This is my little break from unpacking and doing house stuff. We've been up since 5am (I know, I know!) just because that is when we woke up. I lay in bed for awhile and got up just before 6. We've been working on Hubby's office since about 9:30. We're just taking a coffee break and then it is back to the work, work, work.

I make it sound like we are busting our butts unpacking and setting up the house. Honestly, I feel we are taking our sweet ass time. It is hard living regular life with work, cooking, cleaning, laundry, socializing and also setting up the house. We've sort of become used to getting by without all of our stuff accessible.

Truth by told, I would rather read the paper or crochet when I have free time. I've noticed that I'm thinking more and more about baking again, making granola and scones and cakes. If I'm going to bake I have to get the kitchen fully set up.

Now that we are living in the house and we've emptied our storage locker, I notice how much stuff we have that we A) don't have room for, B) have not used, C) will likely never use. One problem we have is that our basement is an apartment for a tenant, so things that other people keep in their basements (large Rubbermaid containers filled with gift wrap, winter clothes, extra dishes for parties, wigs and boas for occasional dress up fun) we just don't have room for.

Well, Hubby is making some lunch and then we are off to the big Duff Mall (on a Saturday - YIKES!) to update our health cards and licenses at the convenient kiosk. I might may a pit stop at Reitmans for some pants for work. Hopefully we'll order the blinds for the apartment on our way home.

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