Wednesday, February 13, 2008

What's new?

Well, the past two weeks have been interesting! Here's a re-cap:

Hubby came home from Winnipeg for good. Ya!

We spent about $2000 to fix our chimney/furnace room exhaust issue. We discovered the rather dangersous issue when Hubby tried to have a post-airplane hot shower and ended up with a post-airplane cold shower. 4 days and a few line of credit cheques later, we have an unplugged chimney and could have our gas turned back on. Thank goodness it wasn't minus 25 outside that week.

Just after Hubby came home, I left for a four day work retreat. It was sort of nice to get leave domestic chaos behind me and let Hubby deal with it. After months and months of holding down the fort on my own, I happily passed the torch.

Applied for a job, went for the interview, was offered the job and turned it down. It's nice to be wanted and be able to say no. It was reassuring to me that if I ever need to find other work, the Universe will provide.