Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Out and about crocheting

This is me at The Paddock crocheting on Monday night. Hubby and I arrived early for a little welcome home celebration for our tv writer friend
who's been away in Vancouver for what seems like forever. So, there I am with my Let's Take a Shower martini (made with real raspberry puree) in front of me while I happily crochet on a lovely summer shawl for my sis. Their XM Radio was tuned to a great rocker station. I'm feeling like I'm in my own heaven - a little Led Zeppelin, a good tart drink, my crochet and my Hubby. All was well until I got half way through the second Let's Take a Shower and I realized the crochet had to go away. More than one raspberry martini and delicate cotton crochet clusters do not mix.

Check out the action on my hands? I look like a super hero crocheter!

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