Friday, April 17, 2009


Tax receipts compiled and sent to accountant - check!

Two loads of laundry - check!

Bath baby, read baby story, nurse baby, tuck baby in - check!

Recent 2009 receipts filed and table tidied up - check!

Living room tidied up ready for another baby-day tomorrow - check!

Emails replied to - check!

Monthly Facebook photo browsing - check!

Catch-up on blog reading - check!

Empty dishwasher - check!

Load dishwasher - check!

Bake a few cookies from homemade (by someone else) roll in freezer - check!

Make cup of tea - check!

Scoop ice cream into a mug, grab a cookie and tea and relax - DOUBLE CHECK!

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Pauline Valvo Alford said...

Very impressive!