Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Fast baby changes

O can now push herself backward while laying on her tummy! She does a lovely cobra pose, pushing her torso WAY up, and with that effort she's able to slide backwards a bit. She shimmies on her tummy to change her angle every so slightly, yet effectively.

O and I went to The Forks today. It was beautiful outside (almost 20 degrees!) and we just couldn't stay cooped up in the condo. After a little snack for Mommy and wee look around at some shops, we wandered outside to check out the Red River. Wow! It has almost risen to the top of a three tiered staircase! We stayed WAY back from it.

We stopped in at the Punch Gallery to visit our midwife's mother-in-law who owns the gallery. Turns out that she LOVES hubby's show! We had a long and enthusiastic talk about it.

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