Sunday, September 30, 2007


I'm Canadian. I'm a typical Canadian. When I see a celebrity I tend to poke the person next to me and say, "Hey, look. It's what's her name from that movie." I consider it rude to approach someone in a restaurant for an autograph. I may take a second look if I see a celeb in Yorkville, but I'd never try to chat them up. Firstly, I wouldn't know what to say and secondly, it's just got to be so weird for them. I'd make a fool of myself and they'd have to suffer through yet another awkward fan moment.

Having stated the above, I behaved a tiny bit like a star struck fan on Friday night. Hubby took me to see the Rick Mercer Report. I just love Rick Mercer! He's funny and intelligent. He seems humble. He looks fantastic in a suit. He can laugh at himself. He's adventurous and seems to have a good heart. Even though he plays for the other team, I do have a little kissy face fantasy about him.

Here's me and Hubby in line and me with my ticket:

I was pretty excited!

Here's Rick at his desk during the taping!

After the taping of the show, Hubby and I waited around to chat with the director (a business acquaintance of Hubby's) and we were the last guests to leave the studio. We stood in a line that we thought was for the elevator. Along came an assistant who asked us if we wanted an autograph. Hubby immediately answered, "No." The assistant told us to follow her to the elevator. (We'd been standing in the autograph line.) Before I knew it, I was about to step on an elevator and miss my chance to meet Rick! I took a peak over my right shoulder and saw Rick signing autographs and having his picture taken with fans. I wanted a picture! I wanted a autograph! I turned to Hubby and sheepishly told him that I wanted to get back in line. Even though I had to put up with Hubby teasing me, it was completely worth it!

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