Tuesday, January 23, 2007

little house update

House, house, house... our life is about the house. The house that now has multiple holes in the walls and ceilings. Ah, well, at least we won't fry ourselves on the hidden knob & tube on the top floor.

Next up: deal with heating duct problems on the same floor. I can't even describe it.

I love our new house and can't wait to move in late in March! I have so much packing to do.

I've snuck in a little crocheting. I've finished a gauge swatch for some wrist warmers using left over Fable Alpaca from the Skinny Minnie Scarf! Yeah! So, I shall start on one wrist warmer and see how far I get without having to buy more yarn - all money is dedicated to the house currently. I've actually stopped buying timmie's coffee on my work breaks, too. I figure if I don't buy coffee for 3 weeks, I can spend $12 on yarn.

Off to bed to read predictable easy read novel that is good for distraction, but not for promoting deep thoughts.

night, night

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