Saturday, January 13, 2007

Crochet, house, crochet, house

I finally started a second leg warmer this afternoon. I've sometimes worn the single that I made weeks ago around the apartment with its ends all dangling out. I can't buy any new yarn for a long, long time (because we get possession of our house in 2 DAYS), so I decided I had better concentrate on finishing up a few small projects that I had put aside.

Crochet projects I can work on:

second leg warmer
market bags (never hurts to have a few around for hostess gifts)
baby booties (I have old acrylic stash for this)
I have some hemp. I could make something with that.
hot water bottle cover
attach retro buttons to green double knit baby top

Hubby says I will be too busy knocking down walls and cleaning our new kitchen to crochet anything. He is probably right.

We pick up the keys on MONDAY!

I found some large, but tacky cushions in our storage locker today. I thought of sending them off to the Goodwill, but then it occurred to me that I could crochet new covers for them. I think I can check out a few patterns, adjust/enlarge and make something I really like.

I packed three boxes today.

I checked our lottery ticket today. We didn't win.

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