Saturday, December 23, 2006

long time no blog

I'm surprised that my last blog was 2 weeks ago! It's not that I haven't had things to share. I can't recall what I've been doing instead of blogging. Likely I've been crocheting.

Crocheting seems like a good place to start now. Here's what's up with my yarn:

I've made two more corrective hats. I made an infant sized hat in soft two tone with left over yarn from the Skinny Minnie scarf. It is sweet beyond belief! The second hat (toddler sized) is in turquoise and green. Sorry, no pictures. I'm much too lazy tonight.

I've started some leg warmers and I'm half way through another market bag. I've been making the market bags since late summer and they've made fantastic holiday gifts for our friends.

Christmas spirit report:

2 weeks ago I was surprised to discover that my Christmas spirit was lulling close to zero. This is not what I am used to. In my own way I get excited about the holidays. Even though I have never been one for decorations, I love baking cookies, planning a holiday brunch, buying gifts, etc, etc.

About every 5 days my spirit got a little perk, but just yesterday I was still getting by at only 25%. I had made half assed attempts at baking cookies - mixing batter on Tuesday and not baking until Saturday. I forced myself to make tamari almonds; these are always a crowd pleaser, so it is worth it.

Today I ventured out to Kensington Market with my own two market bags. I would be the biggest grinch if I left Kensington without my Christmas spirit getting a boost. The music, the bustle, the holiday greetings - I really got into it! (Too bad Hubby had to work and miss our Kensington rituals). I'm not at 100%, but I dare say that the spirit is coasting at 65%.

Tomorrow I have a few prezzies to wrap for some kiddies in my life. I might get a little boost from that, too.

Kensington Market rituals:

Latte from Ideal
Cheese and olives from Global Cheese (we love their enthusiasm)
Bagels from Market Bakery
Dark chocolate covered almonds from Casa Acoreana (just a handful, enough to eat while strolling around the Market)

Ummmm... enough blogging for now. Little Women (1933) is on cable right now and I'm just too into it to write more.

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