Sunday, December 24, 2006

ramble, ramble

Sorry about being interrupted by Little Women. I just had to watch the young Katharine Hepburn as Jo. When Laurie proposed to Jo and she turned him down because her love for him is platonic, my heart wrenched and soared all at once. Is she brave? Is she honest? Is she stubborn? Will she regret this? Is she a lesbian in the 1800s?

Hubby came home about 2/3rds through the movie and he went for the remote immediately. He impatiently asked if I was actually watching the movie and quickly discerned that channel changing would equal pain.

More about Christmas spirit:

I sent only 3 or 4 cards this year, 2 of which came back because I forgot to put addresses on the envelopes! I intuited this about 4 hours after mailing them. Thank goodness for return address labels.

House hunting:

We've officially started! It is exciting and scary. I don't think we will find our house very quickly. I'm feeling patient and looking forward to seeing a lot of properties. Stay tuned for more hype when THE house is viewed.


Wrapping gifts.
Winding a skein of yarn at Knitomatic.
Enjoying pea soup I made last night.
Picking up fancy beer from the LCBO.
Hanging with Hubby who has been working a lot lately.
Maybe a movie.
A drink with friends may happen, too.

Yarn yearning:

I think a fibre addiction is taking hold of me. I noticed yesterday, before leaving Knitomatic, I couldn't help but poke around a tiny bit at the beautiful yarns. I spotted something I like (I don't know the name) and immediately riffled through a crochet pattern book to see what I could make with it. In that moment I realized how stashes begin. I don't need to know now what project I will use it for. I just need to buy it and wait for the right project to come along.

I know that I will eye it every time I go in the store. It is a blend of fibres in pink and fuschia tones with a thread of black shot through. I think it is a medium weight. Perhaps it would make a lovely shawl.

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