Friday, December 08, 2006

I'm a big winner!

I went to my office Holiday Party this afternoon. It is a dry event. Enough said. At least no one has any excuses for behaving badly.

I have to say, the Party Planning Committee puts a lot of effort into getting good quality door prizes. They lay them out on a table for people to peruse before the draws happen. There were quite a few prizes: gift cards from various stores, gift baskets, wine, jewelery, tins of cookies, etc.

Two of my co-workers, G & C, had to leave early, so they gave me their tickets. We wrote our names on the back of our individual tickets and I was charged with collecting choosing prizes if our numbers were called.

So there I was, crocheting the Skinny Minnie (scroll down), with three little draw tickets lined up on my thigh. The second number called was G's! Up I leapt, Skinny Minnie falling to the floor, and rushed over to the prize table without even getting the ticket verified! I was so excited! I love winning, even when it isn't my ticket. I rushed to the front to show the ticket and make sure they knew I was collecting for G, not me. I was able to get G's first choice: HUGE gift basket from Second Cup. She will be thrilled!

About 7 draws later, my own nubmer was called! This time I lay Skinny Minnie down nicely and remember to go to the front first. There were some protests from the crowd until I explained (again) that the last win was G's, not mine. I was able to get my first choice: LCBO $25 gift card! We love our wine and scotch in this house. A perfect prize for the holiday season.

The second to last draw was C's number! This time there was lots of laughing and hollering when I went to the front. I was loving it! I just kept winning! Too bad the selection was a bit meager for C's prize, but I choice a silver(ish) necklace for her that likely she will re-gift.

Immediately following the door prize draws, the 50-50 ticket was being drawn. I leaned over to J, sitting beside me, and said, "Wouldn't it be hillarious if G & I won the 50-50? We bought tickets together. I'll just pee my pants if that happens!" We all laughed.

Well, our luck had run out. Our numbers weren't even close. I have to say that I was feeling a little cocky. How could we not win? If I (we) won three door prizes the 50-50 should have been in the bag. No such luck.

It was a small jackpot anyway.

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