Friday, December 08, 2006

Lotsa Photos!

Here is my entry with lotsa photos! We are trying out a new digital camera this weekend. I'm not sold on it yet, but we'll see.

ATTENTION: If you know that I am crocheting you a gift/project and you want to hold on to the suspense, mystery, and excitement, do not read this entry!

I will start with updates on projects completed.

My Mom's 65th birthday Luscious Stole is finally done and here's the picture to prove it. I would have modelled it, but it was hard to take my own picture with it on. Plus, it is early in the day and I have not beautified myself yet. 2D Girl pre-toilette is a little bit shocking.

I bought a shiny gold box and white and gold wide ribbon for wrapping this stole. I want it to be extra special in all its presentation stages. I think I even have gold tissue paper, but perhaps white will look better.

Here is the hat for my friend's birthday:

I really, really like it and the Misti Alpaca is so very soft. I'm going to make two more of these, one adult sized and one toddler sized. Stay tuned for progress.

Here is MezzoDiva's scarf sans fringe:

Isn't it gorgeous!? If she wants the fringe, I will put it on today or tomorrow and she will be toasty warm just in time for the minus double digits.

As you know, we are doing a scarf exchange. I must say, this has been a lot of fun for me. We met a couple of times at Knitomatic to fondled yarns and consult with Haley. Once the yarns were purchased I htink we both dove in immediately. We both get to make something beautiful and receive something beautiful. It is a BRILLIANT idea!

Tip on participating in project exchanges: 3 pints of beer do not mix with working on exchange projects. I had to rip out almost two entire rows the next day.

Here is my latest project in its infant stage:

This is my cousin's scarf. She is a new mom. She's going to look MARVELOUS in this scarf with baby on hip. Baby, by the way, is just about the cutest baby I have ever met. The photos on cousin's blog, which are fantastic, do not do him justice. He is just super duper scrumptious in real life! I know you think I am biased, but I'm being honest.

Cousin's scarf is the Skinny Minnie from Candi Jansen's Crochet Scarves!

Cousin and I picked out some beautiful colours in Fable: Violet (12), Shade (02), Chocolate (08), Suede (09). The fifth ball is a soft pink from VIP.

I may have to put this down to start on the toddler hat, but both will be fini before New Year's Eve I think.

Enough blogging... time for toilette routine and tidying up the domain.

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