Sunday, December 03, 2006

Fifth time is a charm

On November 24th I started a hat project for a friend's birthday. I was seeing him on the 27th and I thought the hat would be a piece of cake to finish in three days.

Today is December 3rd and I JUST finished the bloody thing! I had to rip it out four times! I realized, too late, that the pattern was way too small; it was more toddler sized than adult sized. Then I made it WAY TOO BIG. Third time, still too big but smaller than the second attempt. Fourth time two stitches too big. Fifth time - finally - was right on.

(Here's is where I would insert a picture if my digital camera was working.)

Another happily completed project: my mom's 65th birthday Luscious Stole! (Another picture belongs here.) I finished crocheting it a couple of weeks ago and I had only the finishing touches to work on (hooks and attach flower). I had a bit of a problem figuring out the angle of the hooks and then the placement of the flower. After getting some help with that, it was smooth sailing. I even made a second flower, more layers than the pattern called for, to see which was best suited; I went with the smaller flower.

I love it! Hubby says my mom is going to love it too!

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