Thursday, April 24, 2008

Mush brain

About twice a year I get together with a couple of friends who used to work with me. We enjoy some drinks and nachos and catch up on our relationships and general gossip. We had a date set up for last week. That date got postponed since one of us was putting an offer in on a condo. The make up date was last night. I forgot to go. Total mush brain.

Around 6:45 my cell phone rang. I shuffled off the couch to grab it. One of the gals was calling me to find out where I was. I was completely clueless! The conversation must have been a little bit odd for her, because I'm sure my voice had an air of 'Wow. We hardly ever talk on the phone. I wonder why you are calling me.', and she was probably thinking 'Wow. What's up with 2D Girl? She sounds totally clueless.'.

Previously pregnant friends had warned me how they parked their cars incorrectly and been towed (twice!), locked keys in their car with the car running, and even locked themselves out of their homes, etc, etc. Earlier this week I was feeling so proud of not having locked myself out of the house, or gone the wrong direction on the subway, or missed a date with hubby.

I've felt a bit down ever since that call last night. I missed out on the gossipy fun! I completely stood up my gal pals! I have MUSH BRAIN!

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PsychoJenic said...

Darling cousin, I hate to break it to you, but the Mama Mushbrain never completely leaves. Just ease into it... slip it on like a favourite T-shirt and accept that you will be wearing it for a while. Oh sure, now it's hormones... but later you will be so distracted looking after the little one that you will exhibit the same symptoms. There is a brief resurfacing, I am told, once the little buggers move out, but soon real Alzheimers sets in and you'll be right back there. So, it's ok... Leave the ice cream out and put the toilet paper in the fridge: It will help with next trimester's hemorrhoids. --Jxox