Sunday, April 27, 2008

Tired post

I am tired. I think I am learning slowly that I cannot maintain my previous level of activity. This sucks because I like to get things done in order to 'earn' my down time. Now that I have recorded this possibly twisted sense (theory?) of responsibility and productivity on my blog I am wondering if it warrants a tune-up with my lovely therapist (it's been years since I last saw her). I digress.

I find I have to lay down more often than I would like. Immediately following this post, I am headed for the couch. My ribs hurt. I can feel ligaments stretching under my belly. My toochis muscles are stiff! I feel sort of pooped in general.

I think I did a lot this weekend. Here is a list of the stuff I can actually remember:

bundled and bagged renovation garbage ready for Tuesday morning (my porch looks a lot better now!)
road my bike with Hubby to/from Kensington Market for our beloved market shop
laundry, laundry, laundry
changed the sheets on the bed
hand washing
cleaned the damn tub (this required more stretching than I am comfortable with)
dishes, dishes, dishes (no dishwasher)
walked over 3 miles with Hubby last night (this was enjoyable and tiring)
tidied up the dining room post-tax hell (it was a hellish mess)
scraped and swept old leaves and renovation mess off our driveway
wrote six long over due letters (snail mail!)
caught up on emails & phone calls
found 2006 tax info needed to apply for day care (That's right! We are getting on wait lists now because nos amis avec les enfants have warned us not to wait. Fingers crossed for the day care across the street.)

Things I still want to do:

bake cookies
sand door frame
finish laundry
make my own dinner (Hubby's at poker)

It is likely all about the second trimester and my deep rooted characteristics coming through, but I am finding it a bit more challenging to deal with clutter and disorganization. Hubby and I have very different levels of tolerance in this area. I have relaxed A LOT in this area over the past five years, but I notice myself fantasizing about how the renovations (mostly related to storage issues) are going to make my home a beautiful & well organized place to live.

On a warmer, fiber related topic, I am re-learning to knit! I can't show you my progress since I am working on a top secret project (ie. gift for a regular blog reader). The gals that have seen it have given me very positive feedback.

I am off to the couch.


MezzoDiva said...

Note to 2D girl: Take a load off!

IMNSHO: That's one helluva freakin' ambitious to-do list for one weekend even for a woman who isn't GROWING A WHOLE NEW PERSON IN HER BODY!!!

And it might be time to teach the hubster how to do more things like laundry, dishes, and especially cleaning the tub, while you learn to live with the notion that he might not do it exactly as you would but really it's good enough.

I'm just sayin'.

PsychoJenic said...

I applaud your wanting to do things, but you have to remember that you are no longer in charge. After you complete a big task or walk, you should be sitting down and relaxing with your feet up for at least 15 mins. This will help your circulation, keep you feeling good and keep you from overdoing it. Nap in the afternoon. I mean it! You might as well start doing it and think of it as your idea, before you start having narcoleptic fits and simply keel over.

Cuz, the day is coming very soon where you will not be able to clean the tub. There will be many things that hubby is going to have to pick up the slack with, or budget a cleaning lady once a week. To echo Mezzodiva, you are going to have accept that things may not be done the way you want them, but they are being done.

Tummy kisses,