Sunday, November 12, 2006

Crochet updates

I’ve started a new crochet project.

This will eventually look more like the Luscious Stole that the name of the pattern predicts. However, it will not become that way with help from the pattern itself. Yes, I chose this free pattern from the internet. And yes, as Haley has warned me so many times, it is miserably lacking. The pattern skips the entire portion of the stole that will cover one’s back. (insert sad head shaking here)

Now, I am an intelligent gal and I feel confident that I can figure it out by measuring and using clues from the pattern and the picture. It will get done and I think it will look gorgeous on my mom. She’s having a milestone birthday next month and I wanted to get/make something special.

Stayed tuned for progress reports.

On to other crochet news:

Last week at grammar class a young, hip woman approached me and said she has taken up crochet and is even teaching herself. I like to think that I inspired her since I crochet my heart out in class in between note taking, questions and exercises. Young, hip woman reports that she has trouble keeping her rectangular projects rectangular; they end up looking like triangles (diagnosis: not starting and ending rows in the right place = losing stitches each row = triangles). I promised some helpful magazine articles and assistance at next class. My first teaching opportunity! I’m excited!

My lovely knitting friend and I are doing a scarf exchange! What fun! What fun! She chose a lovely ripple scarf (Vogue Knitting Crocheted Scarves page 24) for herself. I’ve been coveting a chic dress up type scarf and, with my friend’s help, I have picked a lovely knitted leaf pattern. Check out the image on her blog! Once my mom’s stole is well on its way, I shall start the ripple scarf for the exchange.

I’ve also finished a few more crocheted shopping bags and am making an effort to darn in the ends. I plan to take a colourful picture for the blog once they’re in shape.

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