Thursday, June 07, 2007

Not enough time

There is just not enough time in my life to crochet. There are so many projects that I want to do and I fear not even half of them will get made. I think I just have to start a bunch of projects and rotate my attention. I've figured out that focusing on one thing only makes my forearm ache. I also get a little bored.

Maybe if Hubby makes it super big in the Canadian Television industry (ya, right)(that is to say that Canadian tv doesn't pay BIG like in the USofA... not to say that Hubby won't make it big), I'll be able to quit work and just crochet and sew. (I have a great sewing machine, but it still intimidates me even after taking a course).

I will be participating in the International KIP Day TTC Knit-A-Long (or in my case Crochetalong) this Saturday. In preparation, tonight I will peruse some patterns and figure out what yarns to scout for. I just bought a couple of vintage/retro cool pattern books. Now all I need is time.

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