Friday, June 15, 2007

Vacation Friday

Here is the promised picture of my at Knitomatic starting on the Spiderweb Cardigan (aka the Muppet Cardigan).

I love the top I am wearing here. I get compliments on it whenever I wear it. I bought it at One of a Kind a couple of years ago. It is a Mandala Design top by Mandy Armstrong. I have 4 of Mandy's tops and I love ALL of them. In fact, I get compliments on all of them.

This morning I am off to the dreaded Dufferin Mall, but hopefully early enough to miss the crowds. Hubby and I are tardy getting our health cards and driver's licenses updated. (What an odd little word - tardy. It even feels different in the mouth from other words.) Anyway, the Duff Mall has a handy kiosk for updating our records with the government, plus it has a fantastic No Frills. I need more cherries and No Frills has them for dirt cheap, unlike my beloved Kensington Market.

This afternoon I will be enjoying glorious naked beach lounging at Hanlon's Point. I don't make it out to the island as much as I'd like, so I am really looking forward to the ferry ride and beach relaxation. And, yes, the nudity. It just feels right for me.

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Pauline said...

Mmmm Hanlon's Point - sounds lovely. We are getting ready right now for a week long vacation. We are going to a regional Pagan Festival (about 1000 people) and will be camping for a week. I'm so looking forward to the drumming, dancing, and nudity in nature :-)