Saturday, January 05, 2008

Lots o' stuff

As promised, here is a mish-mash of updates and interesting tidbits.

Here's me cutting a delicious carrot cake I made for a Girls' Night at S's home in November.

Here are some of the carrot cake fans:

And another big fan:

She also likes Scooby-Do books and Spider Man! She's so cool! I dig her!

On a trip to Montreal earlier this year, I started working on creating a baby blanket pattern. I found the Catherine Wheel design in a book of trims and patterns. Here is a shot of the gauge swatch for the blanket.

Here's a picture of Hubby and our friends waiting for our Porter Air flight to Montreal.

I feel like I'm putting my neck out a bit admitting that we took Porter Air. I am only slightly ashamed to admit that it was pure luxury and I would do it again in a second. In the picture above we are sitting in the self-serve kitchenette in the Porter Air lounge with its unlimited and complimentary snacks and bevies. These are no cheapie snacks either - espresso, cappuccino, juices, trail mix, and quite yummy cookies.

They even served lunch on the plane with your choice of wine or beer! I was so excited that I took a couple of pictures! Here is lunch container:

Here is what was inside!

Hubby and I shared our sandwiches for a little variety. It was all delicious!

So, the Catherine Wheel baby blanket was born on our little adventure to Montreal. Here is the finished product and a detail shot:

This lovely green blanket has a happy home in Winnipeg with the scrumptious little daughter of my childhood friend.

Special thanks to my Knitomatic SnB gals for good feedback on this blanket. After searching and thinking and searching and thinking about the border, I took Haley's advice and went with a simple single and double crochets. Leona also gave me good advice about the tension and hook size. The second attempt at this pattern has been crocheted with Hook size I rather than H. (I haven't yet photographed the second blanket).

You may recall the beginnings of my turtle baby project. Here he is!

This critter was just sent to a sweet little Ladybug in Calgary whom I hope to meet someday.

There is more to tell, but my bed beckons. Plumbing stories can wait.

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