Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Crafty Cottage Week & new support for the gals!

I just had a lovely crafty retreat week at a cottage in Minden. The bugs were hell, but it didn't matter since my friend and I went there to craft our hearts out.

Here are a few shots of what I accomplished:

Me starting on curtains for the nursery.

The finished product! I took ready-made panels on 50% sale at Fabricland, shortened them and jazzed them up with ribbon and cool tie-backs.

Shot of baby cardigan almost finished. I struggled to darn in the ends and sew it up enough to finish the edging. I've developed pregnancy related tingly/numb hands, so holding the darning needle was torture!

Encouraged by my quilting friend T I helped stitch and design the beginning stages of this quilt. It may take us another year to get together for some dedicate quilting time, but at least we've started it!

I also made progress on my top secret knit project and I was able to start the summer shrug. I think I will get the sleeves and edging done this weekend. I'll have to pass it off to someone to darn and sew for me. My numb little fingers just can't take it.

Hubby stayed with us for the first two days. At week's end we missed him so much we resurrected this sad baking potato in his image. It was T's inspired idea. I loved it!

25 week self portrait! Baby likes to hang out on the left side, down low. The midwife says her head is low right and her back, bum, and legs are low left. Otherwise known as oblique position.

I found out the hard way that I can no longer wear underwire bras. My belly has grown so much it reaches my boobs. The underwire rubs the skin on top of my belly raw. Ouch! I've since been fitted with a very comfortable bra at Secret's From Your Sister. Thank you Sista!

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