Sunday, August 31, 2008

Awake again. This time with nesting fury.

I can't sleep. I get up for my first pee of the night and that's that. No more sleep for Mommy-to-be. Sigh. Sometimes my hypnobirthing relaxation recording helps. Not tonight. I have a couple of other tricks up my naked sleeve for encouraging more shut-eye, but I just didn't have the patience tonight. Thanks to my clenched up jaw, I realized quite quickly that I am preoccupied with nesting.

Well, it is more than nesting. I'm preoccupied with getting my freaking house back into a vague semblance of order. Every time a room gets tidied up, it gets cluttered up with crap from another room that is undergoing a 'transformation'. A couple of weeks ago the nursery had a crib and some hastily stored baby related items in it. Now it is a mess of coats from our hallway (recently painted), painters' equipment (don't ask me why they think this room is their personal storage unit), the vacuum cleaner (needed for the entire upper floor post-painting clean up job), washed and unfolded hand-me-down baby clothes (2 laundry bins full :) !!), our bathroom supplies and medicine cabinet (recently mudded, sanded, and painted), baby gifts, unhung blinds, unhung curtains, clothing from the master bedroom (where a closet was just installed), and goodness knows what else that I can't remember.

My head is spinning. I can't get the now unneeded dresser from the master bedroom into the nursery, where it is needed, until the crap gets sorted and taken out of the nursery. Can I take all of our coats back downstairs to our hallway hooks? Will they be a nuisance to our contractor who is still working on our main floor? Will they get covered in saw dust? Do I vacuum first, or sort coats first? Do any of the coats need to be laundered?

Oh! I forgot! I can't move the dresser out of the master bedroom, until I move our old, 'temporary' linen cupboard out of its path. I can't move the linen cupboard out of the way and into our old clothing closet (upper hallway closet) until I remove the box of toiletries out of the closet and vacuum out the closet. I can't bend down to move the box because my belly is too big and I can't nudge it with my feet because this motion makes my crotch scream at me. When you are pregnant you quickly learn how all of your joints, ligaments, muscles, and bones are connected and work together to help you do the simplest of tasks... or hinder you from doing the simplest of tasks.

And, I wish I could do some of these chores when I have the freakin' energy at 3am! But, this would disturb Hubby and neighbours. I did manage to tidy up the dining room table and half of the coffee table before writing this entry.

I can't do all the things I used to do in one day or one weekend anymore. Yesterday I managed to get to a yarn sale in the morning after doing the dishes. The sale took up the entire morning because I walk slowly now AND I was careful to pare down my yarn pickings before cashing out. I came home and did one load of laundry and ate some lunch (lovingly prepared by Hubby). The closet installers arrived, so I took a break and sat on the couch with some knitting. Post-closet installation, I sorted and transferred clothing from the upper hall closet into the new closet. By 3pm I was spent! Achy and tired. More couch sitting. Ate dinner (thanks, Hubby!). Made dessert. Ate dessert. Did dishes. Ate dessert again. Watched The Cole Miner's Daughter on TVO. Went to bed. Woke up at 2:30am, which brings us to the present.

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Anonymous said...

I totally hear you on the trouble with moving boxes and stuff. I keep forgetting that if I move stuff with my foot it will make my crotch hurt. So frustrating!

Here's my tip for the middle of the night wakings - try eating something. Yogurt has been my favourite 3 am snack. My doula was saying that as you get into the late 3rd tri the baby is laying down lots of fat, so it having a fatty snack (yogurt or cheese, rather than a burger is probably wise ;-) before bed may help you stay asleep longer, or get back to sleep after waking.