Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Teething Baby O is FINALLY having a nap. Mommy is FINALLY able to go pee and eat some lunch.

Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... don't wake the baby.

T minus 3 days until we fly to Winnipeg. I'm knee deep in suitcases and boxes. Winter clothes, Spring clothes, baby gear galore. Some will be shipped. The rest will fly with us. Getting it all ready while caring for O is a true test of my organizational abilities.

Great news! I finally found a bathing suit that accommodates my engorged gals and my shrinking butt (both compliments of O's exclusive breastfeeding diet). I found it at Seychelles Swimwear on Queen Street East. A two piece suit of swim shorts and tank-style top that ties around the neck. The tank is pink, white, and black horizontal striped. The shorts are black with a little 'belt' of the stripes. Sorry. No picture of it yet.

Even greater news! I managed to wax my own legs! Gone, gone, gone is Winter's insulating layer of long hair! It did take me three different sessions to get it all done, but it is done and I think I did a pretty good job considering the amount of hair I had deal with. I even did a mini bikini wax to take care of a few strays that may have been tempted to peak out from under those swim shorts.

Hubby and I are buying a three month membership at the JCC in Winnipeg. I want so badly to start swimming with Baby O, but I want to avoid chlorinated pools for awhile yet (bad for little lungs apparently). The JCC has an amazing salt water pool. Can't wait!

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PsychoJenic said...

I'm sure it's all come together despite the last minute stuff. Have a safe journey and give us a call when you get settled in.