Friday, September 22, 2006

I did this!

So, I have finally started blogging! And, I set this up all by myself - no help from hubby! I even figured out how to edit the html so that I can move my photos and text around! I am impressed with myself. Marvin will likely say, "Of course you set this up on your own. It's easy." I rely on him for all the computer techie sort of things around here. He does a good job, but this also keeps me ignorant and feeling dependent on him. I have s-s-s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d myself tonight. Feels good!

What nudged me to blog? More and more of the super cool women (and one man) I know have blogs and I really dig reading theirs'. Check these out: Kathryn Rose, Mezzodiva, H-Star, Sharron Matthews and Denis McGrath.

Things I am doing in my life these days: grammar course for editors (love it!); thank you cards for Winnipeg family and friends; Amercian Sign Language course on numbers and classifiers (I can make big rain and car races now and discuss finances); crocheting shopping bags and a hemp box; catching up on Weeds and Brotherhood (hot, hot, hot shows!); enjoying the water circuit at Body Blitz (sorry, guys, this is for us girls only!); slowly reading The Not So Big House by Sarah Susanka (a lovely, lovely wedding gift from Gregor, Jo & wee Ellie).

(Wow! There are a lot of brackets in the last paragraph! A lot! I started the editing course just recently, so give me a break!)

Pot luck lunch on Monday at work. What to make... one of my famous cakes, or perhaps a yummy salad from I love this salad with prunes and fried shallots.

Check out these photos from a recent trip to Winnipeg.

Got to love the parties with your very own chip truck at the end of the drive! Very cool!

A sustainable living community that we stumbled upon. To the left of this, across a path, was a BEAUTIFUL garden which my pictures do not do justice.

This is a straw bale greenhouse in the making. The community will be able to grow food year round - in Winnipeg!


Mr Biggs said...

yow-zah, where'd ya get those shades, tres swish!...

blog-on grrl!


MezzoDiva said...

Hey M!

Just found your blog! GRRRRReat!
Yep - my personal techie is just swellin' with pride that I’m doing this. He gushes whenever I do something new on my own. The gray matter really turns him on.

I tried to email you (got an address off one of H's email), but it's bouncing/undeliverable. If you're concerned about privacy (I am - you never know who is reading this stuff), just leave a comment fo me at my blog with your email address. I moderate them before they are posted, so I can just grab the address and delete the comment without it being out in bloggerland for all to see.

I’m just guessing here, but in case I’m right I’ll go ahead and
wish you and yours a belated Shana Tova, and G’mar Tov. If it's applicable. And heck, even if it's not - it's all good wishes anyway.

XO - R