Saturday, September 23, 2006

Go Go Laundry Girl!

This little video has me all excited to do some laundry!

Simple, practical things like this really get me going. It may make my life sound small, but I just appreciate the efficiency.

Not only can I tell you in sign language how high our laundry pile is every week, but I can fluff & fold it a little faster now.

This little laundry tip gets me going in the same way that having creativity around me gets me going. I can't explain how it is similar, but I get the same excited feeling from being with Marvin when he is writing, or seeing a new quilt that Tanya has made.

Creativity is a fuel for my life. It pumps me up and keeps my heart singing. When I get a whiff of others' creative juices, my own juices start flowing. Doing one small creative act gets my head all whirling and churning and then it seems like there is not enough time in the world to do all the creating that I feel inspired to do.

This little bit of creativity has been brought to you by a t-shirt folding demo.


H-Star said...

i found you! i found you! i found you!

H-Star said...

i dig the japanese version 'cause its extreme efficiency is cute through the lens of another culture

2D Girl said...

Can you believe that I did a HEAP of laundry on Friday morning and forgot to use this cool new trick? I am aghast! My mid-thirties brain lets me down on a regular basis.

It doesn't seem like a really big deal, but I have had to adjust my ego. I can no longer firmly and ferociously claim that my accounts of certain conversations or events are right. It has been a humbling (and almost freeing) process for me to admit that I just can't remember clearly.