Sunday, October 08, 2006

Hikes & Chips

I had a lovely day. We went for a hike at Spencer Gorge near Dundas. The fall colours were not brilliant, but it was nice to be in nature, especially to be close to water.

This is Webster's Falls.

Beside the water on the Bruce Trail. The sunlight coming through the trees was lovely, the sound of the water so soothing.

Detail of some flowers and leaves right beside the water.

Sporty Me with Hubby's finger pointing out that, without a doubt, it is me.

People of all ages were out with family and friends enjoying themselves. Very close to the falls it was quite crowded. Once we hiked away from the falls, we were alone for lengths of time.

After hiking we found our way to a local country market. We bought a few apples, a delicious apple pie, some corn and some garlic jelly.

A highlight of the day was finding ourselves in a rather seedy area of Hamilton and happening upon a chip truck. I wish I had taken a picture of it. Hubby had a craving and the aroma of deep fried delights wafted into our car as we drove by. We doubled back and ordered a large fries. It was HUGE! An entire meal take-out container filled with yummy, salted fingers of deep fried potatoe heaven! We laughed and laughed at how big the order was. They were delicious!

Crochet report:

I have given up, for now, on crocheting hemp dishcloths. I was uninspired. I'm going to start on baby booties to match the infant sweater I made on my vacation.

My mom found some old crochet and knit pattern booklets of baby sweaters & hats and afghans. I love, love, love the ripple pattern afghan. I recently bought a book of crocheted scarves and it was the ripple scarf that caught my eye immediately. I'm planning on geting the wool for it on Wednesday.

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MezzoDiva said...

Next time you guys are going, take us with you - DH and I would love to go hiking!