Saturday, October 07, 2006

A little more inspired today

My friend sent me a link to this cool retro foodie blog. I like it. There are quite a few references to Jell-O and cake mixes. Now, I don't cook or bake that way, but I dig most things retro and I like the way Jell-O mold desserts and salads look. I sometimes even like the way they taste. I understand, from Hubby, that this is a goy thing.

From I found my way to a reluctant housewife's archived list for shopping. (See my previous post with a tidbit about my list habit). Her blog has a lot of things to peruse. I love these pictures of herbs and flowers at her Farmers' Market - gorgeous!

I like to bake and make other homemade goodies. I make salsa, jams, amaretto cherries, scones, cakes (from scratch), banana bread, granola, tamari almonds and various cookies. I get a little thrill from spreading my homemade joys around. When I bake I always set aside enough to share. Sometimes our neighbour is the happy recipient. The gals at work often luck out on Mondays, after an inspired Sunday afternoon in the kitchen.

Here's a picture from a Farmers' Market in Winnipeg. I wish now I had captured one of the stalls with little bunches of beautiful fall flowers.


Tarrant said...

Actually, we are in a weird period of cake mixes...usually they don't make it to the retro cookbooks...but this month is a bit odd. The menu recipes hardly ever have any convenience items...even some of the gelatins.

As for the jell-o...well...everyone looks for retro Jell-o stuff. There is just something oddly fascinating and alluring about them.

Tarrant said...

Oops, got distracted and forgot to say thanks for the link and good luck with your new blog!