Friday, October 06, 2006

me tonight

This is my third attempt at writing something tonight. I'm uninspired. I wrote something about my list making habit. No one is as interested in my lists as I am. I deleted it.

Then I wrote something about feeling out of touch with getting my life organized (sort of a segue from the list habit topic). I don't think anyone would find my disorganized linen cupboard very intriguing. I deleted it.

Me right now: I'm frustrated about my crochet dishcloth project. I'm enjoying my Neustadt 10W30 beer tonight. We first tried it at Rodney's Oyster House last December on my birthday. On Sunday, we are planning to go hiking in Hamilton. I can't wait to see the Fall colours and smell the crisp air.

Anyway, that's me tonight.


MezzoDiva said...

1. I am a compulsive list-maker. 2. In recent years, I've disguised this obsessive behaviour by doing it on my computer: in my calendar/agenda, the endless to-do lists, the notes, the tasks that get bumped from one day to another...(oh, no! was that another list?)
3. I used to know I was losing it when I started making lists of my lists.
4. Yes - this actually happened. 5. But I'm feeling MUCH better now.

2D Girl said...

That, my friend, is a great list. Smart and inspiring. I thank you.