Saturday, October 21, 2006

I had a nice day

Friday was a really nice day. It started out with a wee sleep-in, then some coffee and newspaper reading. I checked my email and favourite blogs and talked with my cousin on the phone while Wonderful Hubby made me a homemade diner breakfast. With our tummies filled with greasy loveliness, we watched a couple of episodes of Weeds. I checked out some crochet scarf patterns and decided on two more projects. Hubby made plans to see a matinee.

On my way to Knitomatic, I picked up a Ritter Sport Dark Chocolate with Whole Hazelnuts. I have no idea what sport has to do with these squares of chocolatey bliss, but the makers say that 'if you enjoy an active life you also expect more from chocolate.' Ok (shrug). Well, in my books that is a huge marketing leap because this 2D Girl couldn't hit a baseball or tennis ball to save her life but I love my Dark Chocolate with Whole Hazelnuts! (Thanks to Mom & Dad for always encouraging me to try to hit balls and for not teaching me to use the one eyed thing as an excuse.)

(Interesting side note: I loved my Fisher Price View-Master as a kid. I'd click my way through Puss in Boots, Casper the Friendly Ghost, and The Flintstones for hours. I borrowed my older sister's View-Master until my parents bought me my own. They hadn't thought of buying me one initially, thinking I wouldn't get much out of it since I can't see 3D. I loved having my own private slide show. I'd be lost in my own little kid View-Master world for hours. Here's the great part: I learned that View-Master was a 3D toy in my early 20s when I overheard my mom telling a neighbour this exact story! I can't really describe how I felt when this 3D tidbit hit my consciousness. Relieved that I didn't know when I was 8 years old; a little bit embarassed that I was in University and only figuring this out now; aghast that if it hadn't been for my mom telling this story in my presence that I could have gone another 10 or 15 years without knowing. Well, this topic is turning into a whole other blog entry. I shall put it on a list with the 'I want to have a baby urges' topic for future posts.)

At Knitomatic I bought some delicious yarn (Manos del Uruguay and Joy) for my two scarf projects, the latest Crochet Today issue and a crochet hook. H and I shared the Ritter bar and, between customer purchases, passed a couple of hours chatting and crocheting/knitting. I started on the scarf I was intending for Hubby (more on that below). I got all filled up with creative juices in those two hours and I'm still riding the wave.

In the late afternoon I met a friend for coffee in the Annex. We had a nice visit and just before parting we checked out the new version of Trove. Lovely, fun and little beyond my means right now, but it is always nice to spend a few minutes fantasizing. Just that little taste of the store satisfied my craving for stylish purses and boots. It just simply feels good to know that my friend and I have good taste, even if we can't part with our dinero right now.

We also slipped into the recently opened Cobb's Bakery on Bloor. Can't wait to taste something savory and sweet from there.

I met up with Hubby and friend (post-matinee) for dinner on Yonge Street. Hubby and I carried on from there to Massey Hall for the Bruce Cockburn concert. Another direct injection into my creative juices vein. It is an understatement to point out the obvious: Bruce is an artist with his guitar. It was a great concert and I love going out on dates with my guy.

It is now Sunday morning and I am happy to report that the scarf I started at Knitomatic on Friday is already finished, including the fringe! Here is pic:

Here is a good look at the detail:

I am not sure if this is still a scarf for Hubby, since it looks a little femmie, but I am starting another scarf that is less fancy that will likely turn out to be his. I also want to get started on my own scarf and Hubby has requested a king size (!) afghan for our bed. I'm also working on some fast shopping bags in between all these projects. I'm hoping to have enough bags ready for holiday gifts. I think I will need about 10 bags and I'm more than 60% there.

Whew! I am feeling a little manic just writing about it.

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H-Star said...

mmm, thanks for the chocolate, it was VERY good! :-)