Thursday, November 02, 2006

Me back!

Busy, busy, busy! I've been super busy and haven't had time to write.

Things I've been doing:

studying grammar (took up most of my time)
crocheting scarves
learning about life insurance (yikes! so adult.)
buying cool calf high boots with little heals (hot!)
worrying about sick hubby (only a little sick and only a little worry)
listening to Rolling Stone Magazine's Top 500 Songs of All Time on the ipod
washing dishes
reading O Magazine October issue
buying advance discounted tickets for One of A Kind
planning the next crochet project (other than scarves)
buying new bras (hot!)

Things I will do this weekend:

bake a birthday cake (with help from Hubby)
buy cool tights to go with cool new boots (done!)
make birthday card for 40 year old birthday boy
buy birthday gift (done!)
wrap birthday gift
figure out how to get double layer slab carrot cake to birthday party
read newspaper in bed with cup of coffee
get my legs waxed
read some short stories
maybe see a movie

Hopefully I will feel inspired to write something a little more insteresting, too.

1 comment:

MezzoDiva said...

Yay! You been missed - gone long time!

Forgot to mention fabulous new purse (and bargain from Winners)

Please post pictures of sexy new boots to inspire much wicked envy!

Get well wishes to the hubby!

Yesterday was fun! Thanks for being someone I can really talk to about both the profound and the banal!