Monday, November 27, 2006

Holy Smokes - that One of a Kind show!

Me, my pottery friend and my hubby go to One of a Kind Art Show & Sale every year, twice a year. Pottery friend and me have been going for about five years. Hubby joined us at the Christmas show in 2003. The three of us just walked the aisles of the Christmas show tonight.

Hubby lives for the food vendors. He loves the samples and really gets into checking everything out. We bought some fig and rhubarb jelly (my fav), but passed on the Apricot barbeque sauce. I really got into the almond raspberry chocolate brittle stuff and a chocolately candy apples - wow! Hubby also indulged in a little bag of ginger almonds that travelled home with us in our tummies. Yummy!

I used to be all about the pottery and the jewelry. Over the years I have bought a piece of clothing here and there, a nice hoody, a t-shirt and last Spring a beautiful dress that I wore as my wedding dress.

I came home tonight with three lovely, luxurious tops! I'm a loyal customer. I like what I like. I picked up two long sleeved tops at Mandala (now I own four of Mandy's super cool tops!) and one gorgeous, super sexy top from Kathleen Kovats Designs (the Montreal designer who sold me my wedding dress).

Kathleen was not at the show tonight, but her Toronto based assistant/friend remembered us from last April and after hugs and kisses cheerfully helped me. Hubby had found a wonderful velvety two tone top for me to try on. I was a bit surprised knowing that Kathleen's designs are priced appropriately (i.e. out of our wallet's comfort zone). I got really excited about a super sexy chocolate and blue/brown leopard print top with sweeping material across the chest. Hubby suggested this for a slightly early birthday present. I practically squeeled with delight and gushed my love for him all over the One of a Kind Show! The assistant got giddy listening to us and declared that there should be more people in the world like us! Before we left she threw her arms around us in a group hug and kiss-kiss and thanked us for existing! Somehow, by just being us, we made her day.

I just love that One of a Kind Show!

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