Saturday, February 17, 2007

Drywall Patch Girl Update

So, yesterday I fearlessly took on patching some holes solo. No mentor to tutor me in person (which helps A LOT!), just me, my noggin and a good drywall book for reference I screwed in wood supports for four smallish holes. Measured, cut and screwed in pieces of drywall to fit and finally spread a first coat of compound.

Each hole presented its own challenge and I kept at it until I was satisfied. I must admit that they won't be absolutely perfect, but I did it ALL BY MYSELF! At the half way point I rewarded myself with a nice Italian beer - good for me!

You may have noticed that I am writing this in the wee hours of the morning. Couldn't sleep. Can't sleep. I woke up worrying about a work related thing [sic client]. When I can't sleep I try to remember to get out of bed and distract myself enough to get my brain to relax into slumber. So, here I am. I've check my work email and have figured out that my biggest worry is likely not true. I read a couple of blogs and now I am writing.

New problem: my tummy just doesn't feel right to me. I have a bad, bad feeling I have a touch of a tummy bug. I have NO TIME for a tummy bug! No time at all!

Good news: my wonderful friend, Tanya, came by last night and we did a marathon pack of the kitchen! That felt great! It is so much easier to pack when someone who knows you well plugs along and makes decisions for you.

Hubby and I move on March 23rd. I feel the countdown has begun.

Ok. Time for a couple of games of Ingenious and then try again for slumber. Fingers crossed for no tummy bug throw ups.

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Anonymous said...

The radio just started to play "Nova Heart" by the Spoons, which always reminds me of that wonderful mixed tape you made me. I played it constantly while unpacking in Thunder Bay, and it has come out often at other big transition times.

All this got me thinking of you, and your big transition now, and I'm hoping that you've had the right soundtrack for the whole thing.

- J9