Sunday, February 11, 2007

house gerbil in her wheel... running, running...

Here's a rambling entry:

Hubby and I are low on reno knowledge. Everyone has told us that we will learn as we go, but our learning curve has been a wee bit emotional. There's been tears, some stomping around and even a couple of self-degrading comments. We are lucky to have some friends and family who really know their way around a tool box and have time to coach us here and there.

Along with low reno know-how, we don't own a car. Under normal life circumstances we happily get around on our bikes, our feet and the TTC. A couple of times we've done the Rona/Home Depot run on the streetcar with our backpacks. Today we rented the Rona van to bring drywall & a pedestal sink home. Not owning a car has really put a kink in our plan to try to buy as much as possible from the Habitat ReStore. You really have to browse the store a few times a week to scoop the good products. We are considering renting a car for a month or 'leasing' a few days a week from a friend.

Right now the house is a reno mess. Dust and grit everywhere. Wires old and new exposed. Our porch is Toronto's new dump. Sometimes when I am at the house I get a little bit down. I can see in my mind's eye how it will be when we are moved in and cleaned up, but I know how much elbow grease has to go into the place to get it that way.

I've slacked recently on the packing. Hubby thinks I am crazy for having started so early, but I knew this pause would happen, that regular life would distract me and I would get lazy. It is hard to start packing again once I pause.

This week I think we will finally pick out kitchen cupboards for the basement apartment. Ikea? Home Depot? Rona? If you have experience with the options, please leave a comment.

Sigh. I know everything will work out. Sometime in the summer we will be sipping wine on our porch and look back on this time and smile. Can't we just skip all the elbow grease stuff and get to the wine sipping time?

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