Saturday, March 24, 2007

A few teaser pics of the house

The move went well. A bit of stress, but nothing major. Completely manageable.

Today I did some cleaning up from last minute dry wall sanding in the second bedroom. Once it was clean I was able to put boxes in there out of the way and Hubby got around to fixing up a bit of his office. We also got the bedroom a tiny bit sorted and the bathroom is in good shape.

Next up: bedroom curtain rod to be hung.

After that: kitchen set up ready for proper living.

And finally: the living room / dining room.

Here are a few pics of the not so complete project.

Here's the house...

Here's the front part of the living/dining room with our paint choice China Blue...

Here's the living / dining room looking towards the kitchen. Our paint choice here is Worn Wool (it's growing on me)... oh ya! Check out the fantastic bamboo flooring we put in!

Here's the basement apartment kitchen in progress...


MezzoDiva said...

Happy Happy Housewarming!!!

DMc said...

I'm going to enjoy having you wait on me hand and foot in your new home.
Oh wait, did I say you?

I meant Him.