Sunday, August 26, 2007

August fun

I am serenading Summer goodbye. It has been a lovely season.

Here's a re-cap of my August.

Peach preserves with my lovely co-worker and friend. Chutney and relish.

Hubby and I had dinner and drinks with Joe, in town on his way to St. Lucia. Here's my delicious Pear Martini from The Drake:

And here is Hubby and Joe on the rooftop patio at The Drake. Hubby likes to pretend he's having a horrible time because he doesn't like getting his photo taken.

I was lucky to catch the reception for AWOL Gallery's Square Foot exhibit with my friend Mary who had three pieces in the show. What a great show! The reception was fabulous! Funky music, cold beer, and tons of hip art lovers. Hubby and I bought a piece and I can't wait to get it home!

Here's Mary, in town for a holiday and this show. Check out the square foot pieces behind her and then imagine a huge room with each wall covered in columns and rows of these paintings!

Here's me and Mary enjoying our hanging out time:

What else did I do in August?

A ferry ride back to the main land after a lovely wedding on Algonquin Island. Here's the beautiful view:

Alley Jaunt the day after the wedding. It doesn't look like much in this photo, but there is really interesting art to see and people to meet. My favourite was the poet Simla Civelek in the VW Van. Check it out next August!

An added bonus on the Jaunt - a bath tub of basil! I could smell it before I could see it. It was incredibly fragrant!

Half way through the Jaunt we stopped for nourishment at the funky, yummy Get Real on Ossington. Check out the grape in my water - delicious! (There's my guide and Alley Jaunt passport. I have my passport at work with all its cool stamps and marks. A nice reminder of a lovely month.)

Another lovely August event was a wee bridal shower at La Tea Da on Queen East. Here's the High Tea tray that we enjoyed. (Can you tell I like food?)

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