Thursday, December 20, 2007

I like movies!

I like movies! I don't go out a lot to see movies in the theatre, but I do watch them on Hubby's super cable pacakage at home.

Movies I've seen lately:

You've Got Mail - I've probably watched this movie about 20 times. I used to own a VHS copy. For me, it's a girlie romantic movie I can 'watch' while I clean or bake. Last night it was on one of the super cable channels. I'd forgotten how romantic it is. I even cried a little at the end.

Terms of Endearment - Complete tear jerker. A full box of kleenex tear jerker. Also watched on the super cable. I love it.

Miss Potter - Surprisingly a sweet and inspiring movie. Also a bit of a tear jerker because of the twist of fate that Beatrix experiences.

New Waterford Girl - Love this Canadian movie! I stayed home in my pjs on Monday and watched this instead of going out to a weekly gathering. I found out afterward that there was a birthday cake and gift waiting for me at the gathering - oops!

Margot at the Wedding - I saw this at Canada Square. Nicole Kidman, Jack Black (LOVE Jack!), and Jennifer Jason Leigh. The story is so well written, acted, and so completely twisted that it made me uncomfortable. Great movie, but I don't think I could watch it again. Other movies I hold in this category: Seven and Boys Don't Cry.

No Country For Old Men - I can't say enough about the Coen bros! Love 'em! I saw this with Hubby in Winnipeg recently.

American Gangster - I liked it, but I don't think I would see it again. I also saw this with Hubby on an earlier trip to The Peg.

I'm looking forward to watching more over the holidays. Any suggestions?


MezzoDiva said...

I almost never go out to movies, mostly due to my unwillingness to pay the exorbitant cost of first-run films at the movie theatre. If something looks good, we usually just wait about a year for it to be broadcast on the Movie Network. By then, if I watch, I am watching out of interest, and not because of the hype surrounding major releases.

I would like to support more indie film projects when they're in the theatres. I hope that in the coming year I'll have the time to research these things and catch them while they are playing, so my $$ can support their efforts. I'll try, anyway.

Say - maybe we could start an indie film club - like a book club, only less effort...

BTW - I LOVED Miss Potter. Similarly Becoming Jane.

Lisa said...

I love love love New Waterford Girl!