Monday, December 03, 2007


I use handkerchiefs. If you haven't figured it out already, 2D Girl has one eye. The other eye is artificial. My right eye socket, the one with the prosthesis, has always been a bit snotty and runny. In order to save some trees, I switched from tissues to handkerchiefs several years ago. I have some plain old white ones, but mostly I use some tie-dyed, funkified handkerchiefs to make things interesting. I always carry one in my left pocket.

I ended up on a bus this morning on my way to work. I usually walk or ride my bike, but it was just too icy and windy. I can't afford to fall and break my arm just before the holidays - I have too many cookies to bake!

I digress. I was lucky to get one of the last seats and like most Torontonians, I sat my butt down and stared straight ahead. As the journey dragged on, I noticed the man sitting to my left (my seeing side). I glanced over and something caught my eye - a huge drip of fluid on the tip of his nose. I realized that he must not have any tissues and I wondered why he didn't just surreptisiously wipe the drip on his sleeve. He just sat there and let the drip get bigger and bigger. By the time it reached his lip, I had clued in that he may not be in the best of health (general and otherwise). I reached into my pocket, pulled out my clean hankie and offered it to him. He wiped his nose and we had a brief conversation about how he was feeling a bit better today and that he got new boots just in time for the snow.

I'm happy my hankie has found another home.

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