Sunday, June 01, 2008

Soccer kicks!

This isn't the clearest of ultrasound photos, but maybe you can make out the head on the right. There's an ear, a little dent that's an eye above a cheek curve and you can see a little hand tucked under her chin at the top centre of the photo. See the little fingers sticking up?!

That's right! Her! A girl! GIRL POWER! I truly felt that we were having a boy, but during week 17 I had a dream of a baby girl. The dreams don't lie.

Just this past Thursday I started to feel real poking and kicking in my belly. I think she's at soccer practice. Hubby was even able to feel one of her goals! Up until today, she's been active just at bedtime, but even as I write this entry she's flip flopping around and getting cozy.

I've painted the trim in her room and we started and finished the feature wall today (Antique Map, a nice light blue with a hint of green). I can't do as many things in one day as I used to be able to, so getting the whole room painted has taken a lot longer than usual.

I hope to get some light green curtains sewn up during my cottage retreat week in early July. Thanks in advance to friend T for her expert sewing tips.

Well, it is the time of night that I retire to couch to rest my ribs.


Lisa said...

I know I also posted this on facebook but YAY BABY GIRL! I don't know what it is about baby girls that make me giggly but yeeeee...they do! So exciting, can't wait to see the baby bump in person!!

PsychoJenic said...

Yay!!!! I was right!!! Wooo hooo!

Big girlie kisses all around.