Monday, May 19, 2008

Crochet shots and belly shots

I don't think I ever posted a picture of this finished beauty! It has already found its home in Oakville for Baby Isabella born in late April. Special thanks to my crafty co-worker G for the fabo button donation!

This yarn was left over from my first attempt at my own Catherine Wheel pattern baby blanket. I've started a second baby cardigan using this yarn as an accent colour. I bought a neutral cream for the main colour. I'm thinking I'll keep the second one for our own little babe.

Here's the finished baby vest:

It is supposedly 3 - 6 month size. A few people with more baby experience than me say it looks about right for that age.

I'm also making a gender neutral pull over in red with white trim. It is a very simple pattern, but I think the babe is sucking on my brain because I've had to rip it back a few times already (too many, or too few stitches).

And now for some belly pics!

Marvin and I at my mom & dad's place for Dad's 70th birthday party. You can sort of see the belly there.

Me on my bike outside Knitomatic last week (week 18). One of the gals couldn't believe that I'm riding my bike still, so she was compelled to capture the moment. Again the belly is a bit hidden, but this is best photo for publishing.

Me tonight at the end of week 18! It doesn't look like much more here than the week 15 photos, but in real life it looks and feels bigger! My belly button is getting a lot shallower.

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Lisa said...

Looking good Marla! I can't wait to rub your belly when I get back to TO.