Sunday, July 20, 2008

Rainy Sunday

So, we were up early today. That is normal for us. I'm always conscious of not making a lot of noise when we are up and around in the wee hours of the morning because we have a tenant in the basement and we live in a semi. So, I had to find something productive yet puttery to do to kill time until I can really make some domestic noise.

I finally cleaned up my email! Organized my folders. Saved or deleted messages. Even went through my 'sent' folder! Email nice and neat now!

So, plans for today include: sand and mud a few holes in a couple of the master bedroom walls; prime one wall and around the window; write some thank you cards; friend over for dinner.

Yesterday we saw Cabaret at Stratford! It rocked! We enjoyed a yummy dinner at Foster's Inn across the street from the Avon Theatre and then drove home. Good day trip!

I'm hoping to set up my Ravelry page this weekend. I am off work tomorrow, so perhaps I will get that done.

Baby update: she is moving A LOT! I tend to notice when she curls up in a specific area of my uterus. You can even see my belly bulged out where she's squished herself. I like to rub her when she squished up somewhere, because I can feel her body all hard and round where by belly is bulged out.

Tomorrow I have a midwife appointment. I'm taking the dreaded pregnancy diabetes test - yucky orange pop drink followed by a blood test.

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